Perhaps the most integral part of our wedding (or at least half of it anyway), the groom.

Mr. Windows is a pretty great guy.  I hand-picked him out of a conference room just a few short days after he started working at the company we still work for.  He dressed nice, talked smart, and had an earring*.  I was totally on board.

He’s always finding something to laugh about.  His perfectly straight teeth (lovingly paid for by his parents…twice) contributed to my desire to know him.

When he looks at me, it’s like he doesn’t see anything or anyone else.

He’s my nephew’s favorite…

His mother’s pride and joy…

The spitting image of his father…

Steve’s best friend…

Always the helper…

Never afraid to take a bite out of life (or his wife for that matter)…

He is my husband.

And dang it, he’s so cute.

I don’t appreciate him enough or thank him enough and I could never, ever love him enough.

He’s my hope, my grace, my solitude, and my sanity.  Without him cakes would go undecorated, floors unvacuumed, dogs would go unfed, and the dishes would always be made of paper or styrofoam.  He’s my partner in crime and we’ll end up rocking our own little world one day at a time.

*Said earring was unfortunately ripped from his ear during a wrestling match the weekend before we started dating and probably will never be replaced. 

**This post will publish one day prior to our 3-year dating anniversary.  Happy anniversary, Husband! 


It’s no secret that I’m not Catholic (at least now it isn’t!), but I did have a Catholic wedding (minus communion).  My husband considers himself a Catholic and he fits in with the greater majority of my family and their religious preferences.

When Mr. Windows informed me that his main concern for our wedding was that we be married by a priest, I conceded so long as we could get married in the cathedral.  I mean, a girl has a right to a pretty church, right?! 

Also, it’s important to note that on one side of my family we have about 100 people not including children…we have lots of family, my friends!

So, the biggest church I could find was the one I decided I needed to get married in!

Fun fact: there was a la quinceanera ceremony and another wedding the same day as our wedding!

The flowers were leftovers from the morning’s wedding.

The architecture speaks for itself.  Such beauty just isn’t created in today’s world.

Minutes before the guests started to arrive!

Look at those pipes!!

The photographer was up in the organ pit when he took this picture…did I mention my family is huge?!  People, people everywhere!!

A prettier church cannot be found within the limits of the city we live.  However, if I were to do this all over again, I’d fight a little harder to have a ceremony that was more specific to us and our relationship.  We (specifically, me) had a rough time with the priest that performed our ceremony (he did not do our premarital hoopla), and I made many sacrifices at the very last-minute that I didn’t know I’d have to make.

All-in-all, though, the church was spectacular.

So, let’s start the day at square one.  My bridesmaids and mothers met me and my maid of honor at the hair salon/tattoo parlor/piercing place/grafiti heaven.  That’s right, we got pretty at a place that puts permanent ink on your body–the symbolism is quite appropriate I think.

This is the outside of the building…well, was.  They’ve repainted with some hip, new fantasticness.

I had an order in mind as to who needed to be done and when.  Karla and my mother in law needed to be done before me because I assigned them to duty of lacing me up in the dress.

The girl in the pink playing captain of the make up brushes is my dearest April.  She rocked the socks off of our make up that day. 

My mother-in-law spent a lot of time watching us get ready.  Why?  Cause her hair is super short and she was done in a flash!  It was great for me because she was able to help anytime we needed her.

This is Mr. Windows’ little sister…until this day none of us had ever seen her hair straight–not even her!

…then they curled it…

…and turned it into this!  I absolutely loved her hair.  It was so different and unexpected.

At this point I’m not sure who was in the chair and what chair and when, so I’ll just show pictures and throw in some commentary 🙂

This is my mom and my nephew.  Her hair was exactly what she wanted and was really pretty. 

You can’t tell from this angle, but this is one of my longest, most valued friends, Beez.  You might also know her from our shared blog (and someday business) Spill the Beans Invites! 

This is Lindsey.  My maid of honor.  The person who, if nothing else, always made this day my day.  She was all about making sure the details were noticed and that my dress was fluffed.  I really value her and on that day, she saved me (and my veil and dress and shoes and sanity) more than once.

Here’s a bunch of my beauties!!  But what are they scrutinizing?  Find out next time!!!

A Transparent Wedding

January 25, 2010

Ok, so I’m married.  Soup to windows alludes to this (hint: my last name was a soup brand, it’s now a window brand–fun, huh?).

We were married on May 16, 2009.  We were both 22-years-old.  By one day.  May 17th was my 23rd birthday.

I wanted to elope.  Corey wanted to be married by a priest.  That meant Vegas was out.  Darn it!

So, over the course of about 15 months we planned an enormous Catholic wedding that I still day dream about.  It was a day I will never forget.

Wanna see a picture?  K.



I’ll break it down detail for detail in more posts to come later…