Complete Chaos.

October 19, 2010

If you know me at all, you know I’m a cluttered mess all the time.  At least that’s what it appears to be.

The reality is that the more cluttered  things are, the more I know where things are.

Welcome to my office 🙂

I don’t exactly remember when I took this picture, but it was long before I did any organizing in this room. 

It’s likely that if you were to step inside my brain and hang out for a while, this is what it would look like.  Piles of stuff everywhere with no place to go because each pile serves a purpose.

I’m pretty sure this happened when I was planning a wedding or baking a lot of wedding cakes in a row.  My organizational habits go down the tubes when I’m doing those things.

And we do have doors for  the closets…they’re just not painted or hung yet.  Work in progress–definitely.

So, there’s an intimate look into the embarrassing reality that is my cluttery life.

Today, my office looks nothing like this because it’s actually being moved to another room in the house!!  This room will eventually be a work out room (once we save enough dinero for the equipment we want). 

Also, I promise that it doesn’t look quite like this right now in terms of the mess.  I’m pretty sure it’s still not very welcoming, though.

Do you live in clutter?!  What’s your secret for staying organized??


Living Without A Couch

September 29, 2010

Like a lot of people, we spend a lot of time living in our living room.  Now that we don’t have a couch, we have some adjusting to do.

Here’s how we’ve adjusted…

It’s a mess, but we’ve got chairs with wheels–who doesn’t love that?!?  Andre is a leaner, so I’m waiting for him to lean on me and send me rolling across the room.

So, we’re not quite a comfortable as we were before, but we are working on ordering a new couch (just need to decide on the fabric!) and as soon as it gets here we’ll be on our way to having the living room I’ve been dreaming about for a long, long time!

The shed that Jack built.

September 21, 2010

Ok, for serious, I don’t know if his name was Jack, but he did build us a shed.

Remember about the shed-in-a-box?  Well, this shed is way better than the one that came in a box.

It’s made out of some kind of wood and nails and has a metal roof (don’t you love how much I know about this stuff?!?).

It’s an 8’x12′ storage fun house.

Clearly, we need some new grass, but look at it!  Isn’t it pretty?

It took Jack a day to build it and Mr. Windows/Father-in-law Windows about 2 hours to paint it.  By the way, we painted it a lovely shade of Wal-Mart white.  Why?  Cause that’s what we had hangin out in the garage and Mr. Windows was afraid the wood might start rusting or something if we didn’t get it painted (yes, I know wood doesn’t rust..laugh a little, k?).

Father-in-law Windows also made us that handy ramp!  It makes for getting the lawn mower out VERY easy.  It also kept him pretty busy which is always a bonus!

We’ve stored so much stuff in there that I can’t even tell you everything that’s in there!  I know there’s a lot of paint, a lawn mower, and some tools.  It’s a really good place for those things since all of my things took over the garage!  🙂

And while I was  taking these pictures I was dodging this puppy and all of his antics, so I thought I’d share this picture, too.  Isn’t he adorable?!  This was right before he jumped on me.

The shed cost us a pretty penny at $1,200, but we didn’t have to do the labor or anything of that nature, so it was worth it!

Alright, folks, this is what it looks like to have a back hoe dig up your yard and replace the broken, misshapen clay pipes with PVC.

Look!  My driveway is still intact!

This tree was not the root (pun intended) of our plumbing issues…however, it is in dire need of a good trim!!

Driveway: still intact…

Grief!!  My driveway!!!  😦

*sigh* There’s a 2.5’x16′ gaping hole in my driveway right now.  But at least we can flush the potty and do laundry!!

Dirt, dirt everywhere!

NEW plumbing!!  Including a new “clean out” for when kids flush their stuffed animals or some crazy person gets carried away with the TP…or in 75 years when the plastic has out-lived us all, but has seen better days.  Nonetheless, I’m sure someone, somewhere will thank us for it later.

This is a picture of some of the old broken pipe.  Rumor has it that it came out of the ground this way.  I’m no rocket scientist plumber, but this doesn’t look like it was doing a very good job.  In fact, it looks like it failed at its job quite a while ago.

For serious, that’s a LONG ways down, y’all!!  Mr. Windows said it was more than 8 feet.  Yikes.

This is what I came home to.  I was not. happy.  Seriously, the highest point of this mountainous terrain is higher than my waist!!  For the love of pete, it looks like one massive disaster.

And this makes me sad.   Not only is there a hole, it’s freaking dirty!!  I guess that’s to be expected, though.

So. Much. Dirt!

And not even an hour after I took all of these pictures, this happened:

Torrential downpour!!!  It’s good for settling the mountain of dirt, but Mother Nature decided to throw in some hail for good measure….

See, lots-o-hail!!

By the way, that tree in the back IS the root of all plumbing evil!  The clay pipes didn’t stand a chance to the powers of it’s roots.  But guess what?  PVC never dies!  At least I hope….

All in all, this has been an interesting experience to say the least.  The driveway will be fixed, we’ll flush the potty as often as we want to, and even though we’re $1630 poorer, at least we don’t have to wake up dreading our morning showers anymore!

Oh, and I should mention that our humble abode officially has 100% new plumbing.  Not many 60+-year-old houses can say the same!

The Gurgle.

September 9, 2010

Well, it’s time.

We’ve been putting it off for two years.

See, when we bought the ugly house we knew there was a plumbing issue because my home inspector (aka my dad) informed us that the plumbing under the house wasn’t hooked up to the potty.  No bueno! 

This is another reason added to the list of why we waited 15 months before we moved into the ugly house.

Once the bathroom was remodeled from this:

To this:

We thought we’d solved the problem.

Then one day when I was in the shower I heard a gurgling noise coming from the potty.  I’m no plumber, but I knew this wasn’t a sound I should be hearing–especially when the potty was sitting all by its lonesome.

It turns out that the entire reason the plumbing was disconnected in the first place is because the main sewer line is so infested with tree roots (we have some big trees in our yard, y’all) that it had caused the main line to be disconnected in at least one very important area–where the line curves off and heads to its final destination (wherever that is).

Luckily we have a clean out in the front yard so we haven’t had anything “back up” into the house other than some air bubbles, but it’s still something that has haunted me since I first heard the gurgling.

Here’s the biggest dilemma.  Remember my driveway??

Our main line runs underneath it. 

There’s a chance that our driveway will have to come out to be able to replace the broken line because the line is disconnected about 2 feet away from the north side of our driveway. 

This house has yet to surprise me, but it’s still very disheartening. 

We’re in the process of getting bids on having the work done.  So for now every morning when I  take a shower I get to listen to my potty blow air bubbles and remind me that my house is a never-ending project.

Our House Was A Repo: Finale

September 7, 2010

This is my advice to you when it comes to buying a repo…

Arm yourself with a proactive agent.  We chose our real estate agent for personal reasons, not because of her expertise in handling repossessions.  All three of us learned a lot along the way and some of that could’ve been combatted if we’d contacted an agent that had more experience in this specific realm.

Familiarize yourself with the bidding process.  Once you have that agent in tow, ask them to explain the bidding process to you and to outline a strategy for you.  Also, make sure that your agent knows what you are comfortable with when it comes to placing bids.

Understand that there are all sorts of weird rules when you deal with the government.  We ended up having to pay some off-the-wall fees and several other strange things because we weren’t entirely aware of what we were doing.

Essentially, arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible.  Know what you’re getting into and be ready to roll with the punches.

I don’t know if we’ll ever buy another repo, but we’ll definitely go in with a lot more knowledge next time!!

Our House Was A Repo: Part 3

September 6, 2010

In part 2 I left off with us submitting our bid and us playing the waiting game…

Well, we didn’t have to wait long.  I think it was maybe 2 days later when our agent called us.

Someone else outbid us.

I was at work when she called me and you’d have thought World War III had just commenced and my desk was the battle ground.  I was a sobbing hot mess.  How on earth could someone else have won the bid on MY home?!?!?! 

A few days went by and the reality set in.  Luckily we still had the Gilbert House and we weren’t homeless.

It was maybe a week later when my real estate agent called me again.  I thought maybe she was calling to see if I was still crying (internally I was), but she had some news.

Something had happened and the bid was rejected.  She went on to say that there were SEVEN other bids that were higher than ours, but since we had selected “owner occupant” we were the next choice!!!!!

At this point I think I was light-headed and on the verge of a happy dance to end all happy dances.  Elated doesn’t even begin to describe it.

At that point all we knew was we were about to become the owners of another house and we should probably start saving our pennies.