The Silver Lining.

October 15, 2010

This week hasn’t been an easy one.

On Tuesday someone kicked the back door of the Gilbert House in.  Literally–there’s a boot print on the door.

All for a $200 TV that they might got $50 for at a pawn shop. 

I guess it’s just desperate times.

I’m still struggling with the reality of this situation.  It’s beyond my comprehension.  I would never, ever break into someone’s house for the sake of stealing their personal possessions.

Oh, and it happened in the middle of the day and none of the neighbors saw anything.  Fantastic.

Luckily the intruder didn’t damage anything other than the door and door knob. 

On a happier note, Sunday is going to be an awesome day–the silver lining in all of my bummed-out-ness of this week.  My best cousin and I are throwing a shower for one of our best friends.  Her baby boy is due in December and this weekend we’re going to show her just how excited we are about what’s happening in her life.  Stay tuned for a post filled with pictures and baby belly shots 🙂


After the flood, the Gilbert House needed some serious attention.

Before I show you the afters, here’s what it looked like before (meaning before the flood…).

It’s a tall, charming house.

This is what I called the dining room.  I’m not really sure what this room is, but it’s where the laundry closet is, too.  It’s a weird, but handy space. 

This was the kitchen.  Again, pretty charming. 

This is the bedroom that flooded. 

Lastly, this is the backyard.  It has even seen a few changes since the flood!!!

It’s a very cute house..I hope someone else thinks so here pretty soon!!

The Gilbert House is for sale.

September 23, 2010



The Gilbert house, after trial and tribulation galore, is for sale. 

We met with our agent, Curtis McCoskey, on Friday evening last week and filled out the paper work, took pictures, and got measurements. 

Yesterday (Wednesday) we had our first showing.  We don’t know the results just yet, but there’s already interest in the property which is very promising.

Soon, I plan to buy a little statue of St. Joseph by the for sale sign in the yard.  Oh, and he’ll be upside down.  You all already know that I’m not Catholic, but a large majority of my family (including Mr. Windows) claim themselves as Catholics, so their best advice was to do this.  Religious or not, I can use all the devine intervention I can get when it comes to this property!

So, cross your fingers, pray to your God, and/or send positive selling vibes my way!  This home really does need someone that will love it to move in and start pouring out their love!!

I’ll post pictures–and the listing–in upcoming posts!!