Today begins my journey of becoming Dr. Windows.

My first day of class is today.  While I technically won’t be going to class at all, I do have assignments to complete.

My first assignment, a contrasting scholarly paper based on business ethics perspectives of two journal articles, is nearly complete.  I hope to turn it in today or tomorrow so that I can start on my second assignment.

In this class, I’ll write 11 papers in varying lengths on topics relative to business ethics.

Each assignment requires at least eight peer-reviewed sources.

My first assignment isn’t due until November 14, but my adviser recommended that I get a head start while I can since the holidays are coming up–and I agree.

So, let’s get this bus rolling on down the highway!!!


My journey to Dr.

September 22, 2010

I’ve decided that I’d like to tell you all about my trials and tribulations as a graduate student studying to obtain my Philosophy Doctorate of Business Administration, Management. 

Why?  There’s a few reasons.

Firstly, I’m attending a university that is entirely online.  I will not have residency requirements; I will never see a classroom.  I will also never have a classmate to speak of.  I will work one-on-one with mentors that are experts in their field and I will complete a series of assignments for each class.

Secondly, while it’s easy to find reviews from past students on their experiences, it’s hard to get a really good feel for what your life will be like as a doctoral student.  I even went so far as to ask Mrs. Nodakademic–a girl whom I do not know in person, but very much adore her writing–about her experiences because it was the closest I could get to someone walking in my own shoes (and because it was a good excuse for me to introduce myself).  So, this is my way of sharing my experiences on this journey in hopes that someone else might find the information useful.

On November 1, 2010, I will begin my first PhD course–Business Ethics. 

I am attending Northcentral University and all of my classes will be one-on-one with a mentor (traditionally known as a professor).

As I begin this journey, I will share more and more information about how the program works, how it is progressing, and how I’m feeling as a student.  I may even begin charting the amount of time I spend working on assignments so that I can give an accurate estimation of my investment.

Also, feel free to leave comments whenever you have a question!