Ok, on May 17, 2011, I will be 25.  It’s getting closer and closer.  It’s the next major milestone in my life.

Since it’s not too far away, some of these goals might be a little superficial.  However, I’m pretty much horrible at setting goals of any fashion, so this is a start!

Here goes:

1. Complete master’s degree. Completed on August 25, 2010!!  I officially am a Master in Leadership and Management!
2. Apply to doctoral program. Beginning November 1, 2010, I will be attending Northcentral University to obtain my PhD in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management.
3. Refinance house so that all debt is on one mortgage (instead of two).
4. Get down to ONE car payment.
5. Purchase life insurance policy for both Mr. & Mrs. Windows. Done!  We’re both heavily insured and saving for our retirement now!
6. Sell the Gilbert House.
7. Finish blogging about the remodel on the ugly house.
8. Take Ralphie and Andre for walk at the downtown riverwalk.
9. Lose weight.  I’m good with any amount, even if it’s just a pound.
10. Visit family in the South.
11. Clean up my office (seriously, it’s tornadic in there).
12. Develop a monthly budget and stick to it.  Halfway there on this one!  I’ve made the budget and so far so good!
13. Hug Mr. Windows everyday for a month (believe it or not, I hate am extremely uncomfortable with hugging people!).
14. Try a new church.
15. Finish cleaning out the garage so that a car will fit in it.
16. Seek out greater opportunities at work.
17. Make the bed everyday for a week.
18. Hook laptop up to gigantic TV/monitor in office and sit on loveseat to work.
19. Figure out how to get a nifty background on this here blog.
20. Don’t crash new computer (seriously, if this were a job, I’d be rich because I’m SO good at killing computers).
21. Get out the Writer’s, Inc. book and learn something new about the english language.
22. Go to the YMCA everyday for a month.
23. Eat at a vegetarian restaurant.
24. Organize hallway linen closet.
25. Quit baking cakes…at least while I’m in school. I officially retired from cake baking with the exclusion of cupcakes.  Piece-A-Cake Confections is now solely providing cupcakes!


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