Blog Sprucing.

October 26, 2010

I’m not a techie.

Don’t get me wrong, Microsoft Office and I are BFFs-4-life.  Seriously.

But when it comes to making this here blog more unique beyond typing up stories about my own life, I’m completely out of my realm.

One of my goals of my 25-by-25 is to make this blog a little more exciting.

So, this is my plea…help!  Does anyone know of any good websites, want to throw in some of their own help, or have any suggestions of what I should do??

It doesn’t need to be fancy or overdone.  Just fun and maybe a little more unique.  I do love all of the white space on the homepage, so I want to keep that as much as possible, but I know I could use a personalized header and maybe I could add some more pages.

K, I’ll be waiting for suggestions.  🙂


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