Macarons, bunting, and baby belly, oh my!

October 22, 2010

Today I’m sharing a really big happy with all of you.

My friend, Danielle, is having a little baby boy just before Christmas!

Last weekend we had a shower for her (which was also the same day that she and her husband and their 3-year-old daughter moved into their new house–busy, busy day!).

My dearest cousin Megan and I  threw the shower.

Now, we’re all aware of how ugly my house is, but it’s important that I also tell you that it’s very small and unable to accommodate more than a few people at a time (seriously, one bathroom can only handle so much!).  So, I asked Megan if she would let me invade her beautiful home–luckily for all of us, she was happy to have us!

First, you should probably see the invitations.  Click that link to see the full details (including the cute envelopes I made to go with!).

Being the part-time party planner that I am (har har), I left no detail undone.

Megan and I diligently made bunting (the little flags) out of blue and white yarn and scrapbooking paper, tissue paper poms, floral arrangements, a couple of games, and a whole lot of food–including a personal favorite, macarons!

The bunting even decorated the bannister! 

For food we had lots of fruit, chex mix, snickerdoodles, cupcakes (made by me, of course), and my favorite punch to drink.  We also had this awesome dip that Megan made, but I didn’t get a picture of it–oops!  Sounds like I’ll just have to make it sometime and dedicate a post to it entirely!

I found the little blue trollies at the Dollar Tree (!!) and they happened to fit our “theme” perfectly.

The doilies are all from my grandmother’s collection and I thought they’d be a nice touch (Megan and I share this particular grandmother, so I left some of them with her to keep).

I did the floral arranging–I bought 5 sets of white flowers for about $20 and that made the big arrangement (that Danielle took home and put on her dining room table in her new formal dining room), 6 wine bottle arrangements, and 4 little square glass arrangements.  I was on the hunt for some spider mums, but unfortunately all I could find were daisies and a few other types–oh well!  They still turned out pretty!

I made macarons for the favors!  I bought the little boxes at JoAnn’s (I believe they’re Wilton and come 20 to a package) as well as little blue pacifiers.  I tied some of our blue and white yarn in a bow with a pacifier and used a glue dot to secure them to the top of the boxes.

That green bottle was a gift from my dear friend April.  Last February I was doing the same thing for her–throwing a baby shower for her new baby on the way!  Who, by the way, is one of the sweetest babies in the world.

The macarons were dark blue (yes, we all had blue teeth after eating them!) with homemade green whipped cream in the middle.  Macarons are the epitome of earthly happiness–and worth every ounce of effort it takes to make them.

We played a couple of games–guess what’s in the bag and guess how many candies are in this bottle.  I’m not one for the crazy smell-the-diaper or taste-the-baby-food games, so we just kept it pretty simple.

Here’s Danielle guessing what’s in this bag!  All of the items were baby related, by the way.

The guest of honor!  She’s quite possibly the cutest pregnant person I’ve ever seen!!  On this day she was exactly 7 months pregnant and exactly 8 weeks from her due date.  I can’t wait to meet her little boy in December!!

Danielle–you’re amazing.  In a matter of 7 months I’ve watched you grow a little beach ball for a belly and even felt your son moving around in his temporary habitat.  While you’ve been baking this baby, you’ve been one of the greatest friends and happiest rays of sunshine in my life.  I’m so excited for you and Sam (and your kid and a half) and can’t wait to see what the next 7 months has in store for you and for our friendship!!

Side note–Isn’t Megan’s house amazing?!?!  It really is. 

So, that was Danielle’s shower that Megan and I threw for her.  Frankly, it was an awesome time. 

Happy Friday, ya’ll!  Enjoy your weekend!!!


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