October 21, 2010

Ok, I didn’t plan on spending an entire post on this  topic, but nothing is working right the last couple of days, so I’m just going to lay it out.

  1. We didn’t get our couch because it’s not here yet. <–this is entirely my fault.
  2. Yesterday, suspicions that I’ve had for about 2 years were finally confirmed. <–no, my husband isn’t cheating on me.  It’s not personal, it’s professional.
  3. I’m considering not going through with my PhD so that I can seek out some other options sooner. <–not excited about this reality.
  4. I can’t get images to load on this here blog today for whatever reason. <– lame.
  5. I can find only 1 of my favorite black sandals. <–even more lame!
  6. I’ve been diligently trying to lose weight for 2 weeks and I’ve lost 3 pounds–wtf, body?!<–again with the lameness.

All of these things combined together make me super whiny, irritated, and borderline mental.

I haven’t cried over any of them just yet, but one situation in particular could get worse and there could be an emotional monsoon.  I feel it brewing.

So, my dear friends, I am frustrated.

Without my friends, companions, and daily dose of exercise, I’d probably be jumping off a cliff (not literally, of course–no suicide for this girl!)…an emotional cliff.

This weekend I get to see my mommy, my nephew, my nieces, my sister, and my dad….maybe even my brother.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to hug each one of them.  They all think I’m pretty awesome, and frankly, I really need some people in my life that think I’m pretty awesome right now.

I promise for a cheerier post tomorrow–full of pictures!


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