Pickin’ and Choosin’

October 20, 2010

I’m guilty of always picking favorites.

I have a favorite dog.  His name is Ralphie (sorry Andre…it doesn’t mean I don’t love you!).  He’s just my favorite.  I’m pretty sure I’m his favorite, too.

It seems no matter what I’m doing or what I’m experiencing, some part of it becomes my favorite.

When we were installing our hardwood floors, I was rumaging through the boxes and picking out my favorite pieces.  I still pinpoint those pieces in the rooms they were laid in.  I was meticulous in my preference for their distribution throughout the house.

I have favorite clothes, favorite shoes, favorite blankets, and favorite toilet paper (yes, I went there).

Some day I’ll probably have a favorite kid–although no matter how many kids I have, they’ll all be my favorites for different reasons and in different ways…I hope it’s all evenly distributed.

I’m a girl who knows what she likes.

Do you have favorites?!


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