Complete Chaos.

October 19, 2010

If you know me at all, you know I’m a cluttered mess all the time.  At least that’s what it appears to be.

The reality is that the more cluttered  things are, the more I know where things are.

Welcome to my office 🙂

I don’t exactly remember when I took this picture, but it was long before I did any organizing in this room. 

It’s likely that if you were to step inside my brain and hang out for a while, this is what it would look like.  Piles of stuff everywhere with no place to go because each pile serves a purpose.

I’m pretty sure this happened when I was planning a wedding or baking a lot of wedding cakes in a row.  My organizational habits go down the tubes when I’m doing those things.

And we do have doors for  the closets…they’re just not painted or hung yet.  Work in progress–definitely.

So, there’s an intimate look into the embarrassing reality that is my cluttery life.

Today, my office looks nothing like this because it’s actually being moved to another room in the house!!  This room will eventually be a work out room (once we save enough dinero for the equipment we want). 

Also, I promise that it doesn’t look quite like this right now in terms of the mess.  I’m pretty sure it’s still not very welcoming, though.

Do you live in clutter?!  What’s your secret for staying organized??


One Response to “Complete Chaos.”

  1. […] I’m good with any amount, even if it’s just a pound. 10. Visit family in the South. 11. Clean up my office (seriously, it’s tornadic in there). 12. Develop a monthly budget and stick to it.  Halfway […]

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