Window Shopping.

October 18, 2010

Ok, I’m envious here.

A dear friend of mine just moved to one of my favorite neighborhoods in our town.  They’re still getting settled (and once they’re entirely settled I may have to beg to post pictures of their new habitat!), but I wanted to show you just what’s to envy about this neighborhood.

This house is listed at $1.2 million–yikes!  But doesn’t it look like a castle?!

This one is my favorite.

LOVE a red door!!

I changed my mind…THIS one is my favorite.  Although Mr. Windows would never go for it.  He hates houses that look “stately” like this.  But look at that pretty yard!

Maybe someday we’ll move here.  For now, we’re stuck with our ugly-on-the-outside ranch–and we’re pretty happy about that. 

Do you ever window shop for houses you know you can’t have?!


3 Responses to “Window Shopping.”

  1. LauraLou Says:

    Did you see my post about this? I used lots of the same pictures! Please move by us so we can walk our dogs and look at the pretty houses together!

    • Kari Says:

      I did see it, but didn’t look too closely at the pictures–I should have!!! I still can only read your blog at home and you know how bad I am about that 😦

      I’d love to move over there, but we still have TWO houses!! I wish the tax credit would come back again!!! I’d really like to be able to move on!

      • LauraLou Says:

        Ahh, stupid work computers. Yea, I searched for houses for sale in College Hill to find the pictures. 🙂

        I’d so love for you to live close! Until then you’re more than welcome to come over and walk with me! David’s busy most evenings with class so I’d love a walking buddy!

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