October 14, 2010

We’re all different, right?  Well, I mean, sometimes we have an identical twin, but we still think in different ways, prefer different things, etc.

We’re all a little quirky in our own way.

Ok, so the point of this post (as minimal as it may be), I prefer Pepsi.  Always.

I’ve never in my life had a time where I wanted a Coca Cola.  Ever. 

Some people, though, can’t stand Pepsi products.  These people baffle me (as I’m sure I baffle them as well).  For example, Mr. Windows’ grandparents drink a lot of Coke Zero.  This is a product I would never, ever buy.  When they come to visit us, they’ll only stay in a certain hotel and stop at certain gas stations because they know they can get Coke Zero there.

I have a confession: I’m the same exact way!

With Pepsi.

Mr. Windows mentioned the other day that he’d like to eat at a certain restaurant in town and was wondering why we’d never eaten there.  I looked at him and said, “Dude, they don’t have Pepsi.”

This statement is one that Mr. Windows has heard many, many times.

Early on in our relationship he learned this about me.  What’s funny is that when he goes out with other people now he generally asks them if they have a Coke or Pepsi preference before suggesting a restaurant to eat at.  One time he did this with his co-workers and they all looked at him like he was crazy for even worrying about that.  After he explained that my Pepsi preference is the reason why we eat where we eat, it made more sense to them.

I think my preference for Pepsi is the reason why I like Mexican food so much.  In my mind, the two just go together.  If a Mexican restaurant doesn’t serve Pepsi, it just seems wrong to me.  When we were visiting In-laws-Windows, we ate at a Mexican restaurant there that served only Coke products and frankly, it was the worst Mexican food I’ve ever had.  The salsa reminded me of spicy ketchup–eww.

Anyhow, this is my random way of saying that I really like Pepsi.

And if you ever come to my house and want a Coke, you should probably bring it with you.


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