Cake Board Pretty

October 11, 2010

Continuing with my quest to show you some tips and tricks in the cake world (ya know, since I’m retiring for a while…), this post is all about making a pretty, but still extremely study cake board.

Some people use cardboard, foam board, or something that a company made specifically for putting cakes on.  Me?  I use plywood.  Why?  Because you can go to a home improvement store (Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc.) and buy a sheet of plywood for a few dollars, and they’ll cut it into pieces for you.  It’s will a win-win situation.  It makes it a lot easier (and sometimes cheaper depending on what you choose) to make a cake board.  And you’ll save your expensive cardboard pieces for supporting the individual cake tiers-win!

So, here’s how I cover a square cake board:

Step 1.

Normally you can skip this step if you don’t mind the under part being exposed.  I personally don’t want to get a splinter while I’m carrying the cake because knowing me, I’d drop the cake in order to care for my wound.  So, I take a couple of pieces of aluminum foil and tape them to the back of the board.

Step 2.

Then, I use “fancifoil” to cover the front.  Normally I just use silver because this stuff is $10 a roll, so I try to only buy one at a time and in a color I know I’ll use a lot.

This particular board needed two pieces, so I used a little piece of tape on the front to tape them together.  Typically I’ll have the seam running horizontal and in the back so that the seam is less visible–essentially opposite of what this picture shoes!

Step 3.

This step is when you start to fold the pieces so that they lay flat on the board.  I do the corners first.

Step 4.

After you’ve taped the corners, you need to kind of form the foil around the corner so that it doesn’t tear.

Step 5.

Now you need to fold the sides over and tape them down.  I don’t go crazy with the tape–I usually do 3-4 pieces per side.

And remember, no one ever looks at this side of the cake, so who cares what it looks like!

Step 6.

Flatten everything out and make sure it’s secure.

And ta-da!!  Cake board pretty.

Step 7.

Flip it over and admire your work..and then put a cake on it!

P.S. I know I mentioned pictures of the repaired driveway…but I forgot to take pictures.  And then it rained all day Sunday.  So, driveway post coming soon!!


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