Let’s be tacky and talk money, shall we? (Part three)

October 6, 2010

Ok, for previous posts about our financial situation, click here and here.

Today’s topic is our budget.

Actually, I’m not even sure we can call it a budget because frankly, we don’t have one.

Because of the way we use our credit cards, I find it difficult for me to keep track of our daily spending.  I know that probably sounds like an excuse, but it’s incredibly hard for me to find the patience to analyze all of it.  So, we just spend. 

We buy whatever food we want to eat, whatever clothes we want to wear, and whatever else happens to come home with us.  Generally we have an idea of how much money we have at all times and what we’re comfortable with spending.

On larger purchases–like all of the furniture we’ve bought in the last year–we set a budget that is generally based on how much of our savings we’re willing to part with for that project which is typically based on how long we’re willing to contribute to our savings to counter the deficit.  For example, my budget for my office furniture was $150 for the desk, $300 for some sort of chair/sofa, $150 for the desk chair, $100 for the file cabinet, and all other furniture had to be okayed by us both before spending.  As it turns out, the desk was $35 (after refinishing it), the loveseat was $300, the desk chair was $150, the file cabinet was $40.  So, all-in-all I did well on that room.

One thing that Mr. Windows and I have agreed on is a spending limit.  If we intend to spend over $60 at a place on an item (or items), we should inform the other and get the “ok” to spend the dinero–or be prepared to take the item back if there’s an issue.  So far we’ve never had an issue, but we also aren’t extremely frivolous either.  This spending limit, however, does not apply to grocery shopping because normally we’re both there and food is expensive.

If you have problems talking about money, or even dealing with it at all, I suggest you implement a spending limit–even if you don’t have a spouse.  This will allow you to better understand your needs and wants and what really matters to you.

I personally have a hard time spending money at all sometimes.

Right now we’re doing a lot of spending and some days I’m scared I’ll wake up with hives all over me from the stress.  It’s not that we don’t have the money, it’s just that I have a hard time separating myself from it.

This month we’ve already purchased our couch (paid for entirely by selling our sectional–woot!) and we’re planning to buy a chair, a coffee table, paying for a photography session, buying new outfits for Mr. Windows and me for our photos (and baths, manicures, and new collars and leashes for the puppies), and buying Christmas presents (I like to be ahead of the game).

So really, we have no present spending limit on the things we buy each month.  It works well for us, but we ARE trying to establish a budget of some sort so that we can try to do some more saving.  We’re a work in progress!

So, there you have it.  Our financial situation.  It’s complicated and heavy, but it’s ours.  We earned it, and we live it.


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