Let’s be tacky and talk money, shall we? (Part one)

October 4, 2010

Ok, and by tacky, I mean honest.  Personally, I have no problems talking about my financial situation and don’t find it to be the slightest bit tacky (unless I’m being braggy…which, I suppose, probably happens more than I know it does).

A couple of my favorite blogs have been talking dinero the last few days and I’d like to chime in.

I’m going to break this up into a couple of posts because there are a few things that I’d really like to focus on: our jobs and what comes with working where we work, our debt situation (namely houses and cars), and our budget–or lack there of.

First off, our jobs.

Mr. Windows and I have good great jobs.  We both have multiple degrees and we both make more dollars per hour than we are years old.

I’d like to first point out that no one spoon fed us these jobs.  We went to school, got good–sometimes great–grades, and applied our hineys off until we got the best job and best offer we could.

Our company provides us not only with a better than competitive salary, but also with some of the greatest benefits I’ve seen a company provide.  We pay next to nothing for our health insurance–$40/month each and no copays  to our Primary Care Physician and $5 for prescriptions (and having ADD like I do, that’s HUGE when my monthly prescription would cost over $100 alone without insurance)–and another major benefit that Mr. Windows and I fully take advantage of is their tuition reimbursement program. 

My master’s degree was 98% financed by the company I work for.  I paid $400 out-of-pocket to Uncle Sam (because ya gotta pay taxes on it just like you do for any other income).  Mr. Windows is currently taking classes to obtain his masters degree and we’ll pay a similar amount for his degree.

I’m getting a PhD and the company will almost entirely finance that as well.  Let me remind you that this is a BENEFIT of working at this company.  If I’m being entirely honest, it was both mine and Mr. Windows’ primary reason for seeking employment at this company. 

On top of that we work relatively flexible schedules–if we need time, all it takes is a simple e-mail to the boss and we’re cleared for the time off.  Oh, and we both wear jeans to work everyday–we have a very casual work environment.

Now, I know some of you might think this sounds like a dream–don’t kid yourself.  It’s still a job.  We work every. day.  We’re here early in the morning and leave in the afternoon and devote at least 10 hours of every day to our jobs (not just working, but getting ready for and traveling to and from work).  If we didn’t have to come to work, we just might hang out in our pjs all day every day (I’m serious), so this time spent getting ready for and travelling to and from work counts.

I’d like to follow this up with another reminder that we aren’t just being given this money.  We had to earn our jobs here and continue to do so everyday. 

We’re young, but we’ve made some incredibly wise decisions at a very young age and here we are making the most of it.  We’re opportunists and right now, working for this company and earning these degrees is the greatest opportunity we have.

Next up: Our debt.  Eww.


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