“Workin” for the Youngsters.

September 30, 2010

A long, long time ago (maybe a year ago?) I sent an e-mail to John and Sherry Petersik of YoungHouseLove.

In fact, I think it was shortly after their 2nd blogiversary.  They do a numbers post every year with random bits of information about their lives and their blog. 

If you know me at all, you know that I love numbers.  No so much that I want to work with them everyday (ahem, me and Algebra have long since parted ways), but I love a good statistic when I can get it.

So, when I e-mailed them, I asked them how many questions they’d answered in the comments section of their blog.  Sadly, they didn’t know.  But that didn’t stop me from being curious still. 

So I started counting.

I didn’t get as far as I would’ve liked because my higher education ambition (also known as getting good grades on my homework) took over all of my free time, but I did make it through 2007.  (Man, I’m way behind.  Eek!)

Here’s a little screen shot of my spreadsheet that I sent to them way back when.  I included the post titles because their witty humorous titles always make me wish I were better with titling my blog posts.  Also, I wanted to be able to go back to those posts and look for more comments in the future once I finally finished compiling the current data. 

The reason I’m telling you this is because the John and Sherry finally answered my question. 

13,039 The number of comment questions that we’ve answered to date (we do our best to answer every single one)”

So, after THREE years of posting about their DIY renovation trials and triumphs, they’ve not only managed to turn their once-dumpy-ish little home to a chic, no square inch left ugly slice of ranch style paradise, but they’ve been making many other homeowners happy campers by answering question after question (and often questions they’ve already answered time and time again, but never once being an ounce snarky about that fact!). 

I personally find these two bloggers to be a couple of the most tangibly inspirational people ever known. 

Here’s a few other fun facts that I compiled while I was doing my research on their blog:

Fun Facts about blog posts that originated in 2007 on Young House Love…

  • The first blog post was September 24, 2007.
  • The Youngsters posted 94 blog entries.
  • 119 questions were asked that year.
  • And Sherry answered 107 of them.
  • Burger co-answered 1 question.
  • No single question that was asked went unanswered.
  • Some comments had up to 5 questions and all questions were answered by one of the Petersiks.
  • The Youngsters replied to 41 comments that were not question based.
  • As of December 11, 2009, there are 368 comments total on posts made in 2007.
  • The top two commented posts have to do with choosing paint colors and the redo of the laundry nook.
  • The Youngsters changed the area rug in the living room twice during 2007 (one was from Pier 1 and one was from JC Penney).
  • The JC Penney rug is now in the sunroom.
  • The same title was used twice.
  • That title is “Light My Fire”.  Once it was used in reference to weather while the other time was in reference to the light fixture above the sink in the Petersik kitchen.
  • There was only one reference to having a baby (or not having a baby at that time).
  • Only 2 post-it notes were used while tabulating these fun facts.

Oh, and just to prove that I didn’t make all of this up, here’s my shout-out from Sherry in the comments:

Someday I’ll finish the tabulating (well, as finished as it can be when they are receiving new comments and questions every day!).  For now, I’m just excited to have an answer to my question.

By the way, isn’t that seriously awesome that they’ve answered over 13,000 questions in three years?!

I should mention that this was NOT hired work.  I did this all on my own accord and was not asked by John or Sherry to do this.  I’ve not received compensation in any form for gathering this data.


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