Things are changing.

September 28, 2010

This time last year Mr. Windows and I bought our first ever couch.  That’s right–we’d never had one before.  We had a futon, but that was it.

We used a large chunk of our wedding dinero and saved diligently to buy ourselves a leather sectional.

Well, it turns out that I don’t like leather and I don’t like how the sectional fits in our living room.

This was the only picture I was ever able to see of it before we bought it.  If you notice, the ottoman has feet on it.  Ours does not.  It’s on wheels.  I don’t really care either way (in fact, I probably like the wheels better since we have hardwood floors), but it was misrepresentation.

Not to mention Mr. Windows and I never even measured the space or tried to figure out what it would look like in our living room.  Bad idea, kids.

So, while we have a really nice couch, it doesn’t really fit in our space as well as we’d like it to. 

Ten points if you can spot a Ralphie in the above picture!

Our living room is enormous.  In fact it’s close to the same size as all three of our bedrooms combined.  So, having this enormous couch in the living room is really eating up a lot of useable space.

When I first started realizing that this enormous sectional was eating up my feng shui mojo, I decided to draft up a new layout.

If you click the image you can see the words a little better and get an idea of what we’re dealing with.  Because of the way our room is laid out, we can’t make the fireplace the centerpiece because of our sliding glass door–the only exit to the backyard.

So, in the new layout we will only have a couch and a chair.  We have selected the couch we’d like to buy, but I’ll show you that after we’ve purchased it.  We’re still on the fence about the chair…chair’s are hard to pick!!  All of our other furniture will get used, but the end table and the sofa table will be moved to new spaces.  The TV and TV stand will stay where they currently are.

I’m really excited about this change because we’ll have about 80 square feet of our house to use for something else–maybe a reading nook or an area to house exercise equipment?!  We’ll see!!


2 Responses to “Things are changing.”

  1. Shelly Says:

    What did you use to draft the new layout? *intrigued*

    Also, love the idea of making the couch the mid-point so you almost have an extra room behind it! Even though you’ve got a big TV, it was a LOOOONG way away with the sectional against the far wall!

  2. Kari Says:

    Microsoft Visio! It’s what I use to make maps, too!

    I’m glad you agree with the new layout, too!! More confirmation that my neurotic need to have things just that way I want them is justifiable :).

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