WordPress Fail.

September 24, 2010

I had a really fantastic Gilbert House post made up for today, but guess what?  WordPress ate about 3/4 of it!  BOO!!! 

So, instead, I’ll just show you this:

This is my new computer.  We’re Samsung junkies at the Window House.  Both of our TVs are Samsung and our washer and dryer are Samsung…if they made a fridge small enough for the opening in my kitchen, it’d be Samsung, too (alas, they do not make such an appliance). 

Yeah, I know I’m lame and about the only person blogging who doesn’t own a Mac, but the reality is that I’m working on a PhD, folks, and that’s enough work!  I’ve never owned a Mac or used one for anything at all (I’m not lying here, I tried to check my e-mail on one when I was 15 and gave up in frustration!), so I’m not about to enter my last branch of higher education with a computer I don’t know how to use.  In 3 years I’ll buy myself a Mac as a graduation present :).

This computer, however, is kind of Mac-esque.  It has the aluminum casing and glass screen and super long battery life.

So far I really like it.  It’s bigger than my old laptop, so I’m adjusting to that, but it’s a fast little devil.  It has an i5 processor in it and opening webpages is like flipping a light switch–it’s just that easy. 

I hope I still like it in a year.  I hope it lasts at least 3 years. 

Happy Friday, people!!  Enjoy your weekend–I’ll be hanging out with some family, cleaning the Window house, hiring someone to clean the Gilbert house, and MAYBE selling our sectional!  Oh, and sleeping off this tonsillitis.


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