The shed that Jack built.

September 21, 2010

Ok, for serious, I don’t know if his name was Jack, but he did build us a shed.

Remember about the shed-in-a-box?  Well, this shed is way better than the one that came in a box.

It’s made out of some kind of wood and nails and has a metal roof (don’t you love how much I know about this stuff?!?).

It’s an 8’x12′ storage fun house.

Clearly, we need some new grass, but look at it!  Isn’t it pretty?

It took Jack a day to build it and Mr. Windows/Father-in-law Windows about 2 hours to paint it.  By the way, we painted it a lovely shade of Wal-Mart white.  Why?  Cause that’s what we had hangin out in the garage and Mr. Windows was afraid the wood might start rusting or something if we didn’t get it painted (yes, I know wood doesn’t rust..laugh a little, k?).

Father-in-law Windows also made us that handy ramp!  It makes for getting the lawn mower out VERY easy.  It also kept him pretty busy which is always a bonus!

We’ve stored so much stuff in there that I can’t even tell you everything that’s in there!  I know there’s a lot of paint, a lawn mower, and some tools.  It’s a really good place for those things since all of my things took over the garage!  🙂

And while I was  taking these pictures I was dodging this puppy and all of his antics, so I thought I’d share this picture, too.  Isn’t he adorable?!  This was right before he jumped on me.

The shed cost us a pretty penny at $1,200, but we didn’t have to do the labor or anything of that nature, so it was worth it!


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