What baking looks like at my house.

September 20, 2010

So, I mentioned  that I’d help as much as I can, so why not SHOW you all what a cake looks like at my house while it goes from batter to crumb coated?  THIS I can do!

So, while you’re mixing your batter, you should do this:

Now, here’s my advice!  Don’t use Pam.  It doesn’t come out well.  I promise.  A few things you can do is go old school and slather the pan with shortening and then dust it with flour.  Or you can do what I do and buy Wilton’s Cake Release.  It’s amazing.  I’ve NEVER had a cake stick to the pan when I use it.  The best way to use Wilton’s Cake Release is to squirt it in the pan (I’m pretty stingy…you can always add more if you need to!) and use a silicone basting brush (I use this one) to swirl it around and cover the entire inside of the pan.

See inside that measuring cup?  That’s my silicone basting brush.  If you don’t have one and you bake a lot, you should get one simply because not having one is such a pain in the rear!  I’ve never used it to baste anything with, but I’ve sure slopped a lot of non-stick on my cake pans with it!

side note: pretty mixer!

I tend to be pretty generous on the batter front.  I like my cakes to be similar in height and the best way to achieve that is to make sure the cake batter is plentiful in the pan so that when it bakes, it bakes high enough that it develops a lip over the pan.  This is where I’ll normally level the cakes off and therefore have a uniform height on all of them.  Trust me, though, this doesn’t always work.  I’m no chemist and sometimes things just go wrong.

However, that’s how your cake pan should look.  Full of batter.

I also use these wonder inventions called bake-even strips.  They’re also a Wilton product.  They keep the cake from having that mysterious hump in the middle and the edges of the cake from crisping.  Also, I dish out the batter with a 1-cup measuring cup because it helps me keep track of how much batter I’ve put into the pan.

Ok, so I forgot to take a picture of me leveling the cake, but you get the idea.  Buy this tool–it’s $3 and you’ll thank me later when all of your cakes are level.  Also, if you have a husband (or anyone that lives with you who loves cake but doesn’t get any very often), he’ll love you for the leftovers you level off the top.

This picture shows the crumb coat in process.  It’s pretty ugly.  That’s really all there is to say about it!

And then, after many more hours of work, you get this!  For the record, the cake in these pictures is the cake that was served at this wedding!

It’s not difficult to bake and bake well, you just have to know a few of the tricks along the way.
-Use a good no-stick agent so your cake flips out of the pan
-Level the cakes
-Bake even strips are amazing!  (and you can buy them at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon!)
-Crumb coat first, your final layer of icing will be much easier to deal with!

Maybe next time I’ll take some pictures of smoothing and decorating and assembling…maybe 🙂


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