Bye Bye Driveway.

September 15, 2010

The verdict is in: the driveway is getting taken out in order to fix the gurgle.

Right now there is a team of skilled people and some heavy-duty machinery tearing up my yard and cutting out a portion of my driveway.

By 5:00 PM tonight I’ll be able to flush the potty at home with no worries of what might happen.  This is a huge relief.

This will end a several year battle with our plumbing situation.  I almost want to write the former owner a letter and tell them we’re doing this–that’s how excited I am about it!

However, the fact that my driveway is going to be missing a large chunk is less exciting.  In fact, it’s horrifying.  Why?  Because we got a bid from a contractor to replace the missing chunk–ALL they have to do is pour the concrete and smooth it out….we’re talking $150 in materials and maybe 2-4 hours of labor–and they want $1050!  This is highway robbery.

So, who knows what the fate of my beloved driveway is!  If we wait for help from my dad (the one who helped us before) it could be anywhere from a week to several months before he can make time to help us. 

But at least we can flush the toilet AND do laundry at the same time now.

The joys of being a homeowner 🙂

On another note, I’d love to show pictures of the process, but Mr. Windows is at home today fielding the workers and I am at work.  This means that a photo op won’t happen until I get home from work and they may be entirely done with the project by then.  I will, however, take a picture of what my yard and driveway look like this evening!


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