Public Service Announcement

September 14, 2010

I have to make some changes in my life to make room for the PhD work, so something has to go.

If I’ve already committed to making your cake in the month of October, you’re safe.  However, I will no longer be taking new clients for cake (especially wedding cakes) beginning now.  I have two more weddings to do and after that I’m closing up shop and putting my energy into my school work.

I guess I should explain why wedding cakes are the things that have to go.

I work at least 40 hours a week at my job…if you include getting around in the morning and travel time, I spend 11 hours of every day devoted to my job that pays the bills. 

When I have to make a wedding cake I generally start baking on Tuesdays.  If I make a cake that is 4 tiers high (the average these days), I’ll spend at least 8 hours JUST baking the cakes.  So that absorbs ANY free time I have on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Then, I have to prep the cakes and make icing.  I make icing in 3 batches at a time which helps a little, but I need about 8 batches to ice a 4 tier cake.  So that takes about 2 hours if I include clean up time (and believe me, powdered sugar is a mess!).  Prepping the cakes means leveling them and getting them on cardboard and filled–this is easily another hour or more depending on if I’ve made icing yet.

So far we’re at 11 hours of cake labor.

Then I start to ice the cake.  This usually doesn’t take that much time because the first layer can look pretty crappy without it being a big deal (gotta catch all the crumbs).  The second layer is the one that matters.  For a 4 tier cake, it takes about 2 hours to get all of the cakes iced two times and then another hour or so to smooth them.

We’re at 14 hours here.

Then, I prep them to stack them and do as much decorating as I can in my kitchen.  Sometimes this just isn’t possible because the cake’s decor depends on it being stacked together.  So, we’ll call this an hour of work here.

We’re at 15 hours of cake labor.

Then I deliver the cakes and assemble them and finish the decorating.  The last cake I delivered and assembled was a 4 tier wedding cake.   I spent 3 hours putting it together.

So, after 18 or so hours of labor, I have a wedding cake to share with someone.

I’ve already spend 55 hours of my week focused solely on my big-girl job.  That 18 hours of labor could easily be spent doing dishes, folding laundry, doing research, or even cleaning my office that looks like a tornado went through it.

So, I’m in need of getting those 18 hours back (or not spending them on things that don’t make my world go round), and thus, I’m taking early retirement from the cake business.

I don’t know if I’ll be back. 

So, please don’t be surprised if you inquire about a cake and I have to turn you down.  I just can’t fork over 70 hours of my life every week just on work.  I know this means a lot of people will have to pay A LOT more for their cakes, but it just has to be this way.

In the mean time, I promise I’ll still try to help as much as I can when it comes to finding someone to do those cakes–or anything else wedding related!!


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