September 10, 2010

Does anyone else get the word-of-the-day e-mail from Merriam Webster? 

Ok, I know I’m a geek, but I really love vocabulary. 

Well, today’s word is synchronicity.  Here’s what it means:

1 :
the quality or fact of being simultaneous
2 :
the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events

This is copied directly from my e-mail.  So basically it is a fancy way of explaining deja vu and coincidence.

Here’s what else the e-mail says:

"It happens to everyone sooner or later: A certain number pops up wherever you go; 
an old friend you haven't seen in 20 years since high school appears the same day 
you're looking at her picture in a yearbook; you're singing a song and turn on the 
radio — and the same song is playing." Such coincidences, here described by Thomas 
Ropp in the Arizona Republic, March 29,1999, are examples of synchronicity. The 
concept is linked to the psychology of Carl Jung. Jung didn't coin the word (the 
"simultaneousness" sense of "synchronicity" was already in use), but he gave it 
special importance in his writings. Jung believed that such "meaningful 
coincidences" play an important role in our lives. Today, some people even 
look to synchronicities for spiritual guidance.

This explanation speaks volumes to me.  I’ve always been a relatively intuitive person.  Here’s an example…

On May 15, 2007, I woke up that morning and thought, “It’s raining.  Maybe I shouldn’t take the highway to work this morning.” 

The reason this is of significance is because I’d never taken another route to work (and frankly I wasn’t sure I’d be able to navigate a new route in the rain anyhow), but I thought of it that morning.  Because I was unsure of an unfamiliar route to work, I took the highway.  While I was still on the on-ramp I was rear ended and my car was totalled. 

Another example:

In the middle of my fourth grade year of school, my family moved.  The day I enrolled in school, I met a girl my age in the school’s office.  At the time I didn’t know her name, I just knew her face.  That night I had a dream about her…we were playing at her house–a white house tucked away at the end of a street in the little town we went to school in.

As it turns out, she lived in an apartment with her parents, but very shortly later moved into a little white house at the end of a street.  She also was my very best friend when I was 8-years-old and well into junior high.  Today, she’s still someone who I very much care about.

My dreams tend to become reality (Holly, get ready for that baby!!). 

It’s completely satisfying to have a fantastic word to use to describe these events (and really, ya’ll, they don’t happen all.the.time…just when I’m paying attention!).  From now on, me and syncrhonicity are BFFs.

Happy Friday!!

P.S. Feel free to comment and leave your synchronicitious stories !!

P.P.S. If you’d like to get the Merriam Webster word-of-the-day e-mails, click here!


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