Who Doesn’t Love a Deal?

September 3, 2010

I don’t remember where I found the groupon website, but I found it.  And I LOVE it.

So far I’ve bought certificates to

Cold Stone Creamery–who doesn’t love ice cream?!  Especially when it’s at a discount!!  I bought two groupons that cost me $5 each and are worth $10 at the store.  Two dates for Mr. Windows and me–WIN!

d’ Sozo is a local vegetarian restaurant.  This groupon was $6 for $15 worth of food!  Since I’ve been trying to eat more responsibly I thought this was a good place to try!  I might even convince Mr. Windows to get a veggie burger.  I’ll post a review once we make it there to use our groupon!

I convinced Mr. Windows that we need dance lessons–especially when it only costs $20 for two private dance lessons and a month of group lessons (the group lessons alone are valued at $130!).  Can’t wait to use this one!!

And my most favorite groupon to date–The Gap!!  Have you ever wanted a discount to your favorite store?!  Well, groupon just might make that happen!  I buy my jeans at The Gap, so my $50 groupon that I paid $25 for will almost buy me a pair of jeans!  When this one landed in my inbox I think there were sparks flying from how quickly I purchased this one.

So, if you’d like to join groupon, you totally should!!!  Here’s a link!  If you click here and sign up, when you purchase your first groupon I get $10 toward my groupon purchases.  And even if you don’t click that link and sign up a different way, I still want to hear about your groupon excitement!!

Do you subscribe to groupon??  What’s your favorite one you’ve purchased?!


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