Refinishing the desk.

August 30, 2010

When the determination was made that I’d have a room in our home devoted entirely to whatever I wanted it to be, I knew it would be an office.  That meant I needed a desk.

Originally I’d only looked at new furniture–it’s easier to come by.  But spending more than $500 on something that would likely just collect dust and serve as a place for me to store things just seemed a little silly.  Enter: Craigslist.

While searching for just about anything that might catch my eye, I found this ugly, dirty desk.  It was a blonde colored wood (not my personal fave), scratched to Siberia and back, and had the loveliest retro-contemporary (is that an oxymoron?) shape.

I love that it’s abnormal looking.  I didn’t love that it was so ugly.

So, I decided to refinish it.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any “in process” pictures because I’m not super good at remembering those things.

I followed this tutorial: How to Paint Furniture

I used oil based primer, black interior paint (not sure what finish–probably satin), and the recommended water-based polyurethane from the tutorial–all from Lowes or the cabinet in my garage.  I would recommend using a brush you’re not too attached to for the priming–oil based paint is not fun to rinse out.

After spending about 2 weeks working on the desk and letting it dry in my garage, I had this:

I don’t know if I could be happier with the way it turned out!!! 

We changed the drawer pulls, too.  I had Mr. Windows fill the old holes with wood filler putty and drill new holes just slightly above the old ones.  I really love the slim, crisp look of the new pulls.  The drawer pulls are from Menards and were $3 each, I believe.

So, for about $35 and some elbow grease, I have this awesome, awesome one-of-a-kind desk! 

Have you refinished any furniture?  How’d it go for you?


3 Responses to “Refinishing the desk.”

  1. LauraLou Says:

    It turned out so good! I’m wanting to paint our wood coffee table black and I’m nervous. Hopefully it turns out as well as your desk did!

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