A Transparent Wedding: The Groom

August 27, 2010

Perhaps the most integral part of our wedding (or at least half of it anyway), the groom.

Mr. Windows is a pretty great guy.  I hand-picked him out of a conference room just a few short days after he started working at the company we still work for.  He dressed nice, talked smart, and had an earring*.  I was totally on board.

He’s always finding something to laugh about.  His perfectly straight teeth (lovingly paid for by his parents…twice) contributed to my desire to know him.

When he looks at me, it’s like he doesn’t see anything or anyone else.

He’s my nephew’s favorite…

His mother’s pride and joy…

The spitting image of his father…

Steve’s best friend…

Always the helper…

Never afraid to take a bite out of life (or his wife for that matter)…

He is my husband.

And dang it, he’s so cute.

I don’t appreciate him enough or thank him enough and I could never, ever love him enough.

He’s my hope, my grace, my solitude, and my sanity.  Without him cakes would go undecorated, floors unvacuumed, dogs would go unfed, and the dishes would always be made of paper or styrofoam.  He’s my partner in crime and we’ll end up rocking our own little world one day at a time.

*Said earring was unfortunately ripped from his ear during a wrestling match the weekend before we started dating and probably will never be replaced. 

**This post will publish one day prior to our 3-year dating anniversary.  Happy anniversary, Husband! 


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