Showin off: The driveway.

August 26, 2010

Oh, our house is so ugly.  But it used to be uglier.

When we first looked at the house the back yard extended around the north side of the house and there was a jagged, unsettled 1-car driveway. 

This side of the house came complete with a rickety old fence, too!  Lucky us!

At some point someone really cared about this side-yard because there was even a patio behind the fence and a space for a little garden.

I had bigger plans for this side of the house.

See, Mr. Windows and I came from a 1-lane driveway and frankly, we were tired of it.  We both drive nicer vehicles and weren’t willing to park either of our vehicles on the curb.  So I asked the question of all questions: could we make the driveway bigger.

We had to tear out sections of the driveway anyhow because it had settled too much that Mr. Windows’ little sports car would bottom out if we parked it in the driveway–no bueno!

This was the 1 and only time we parked the car in the driveway until it was redone.

Side note: see the papers taped to the windows?  That means we bought a repo–yep, our house was a repo and we had to bid on it!  I’ll post about that someday!

You’re not going to be surprised when I tell you that I didn’t take any pictures of us actually working on the driveway, right?  Because I didn’t.

But, just for the record, this here driveway was a DIY driveway!

My dad is a jack-of-a-trades…there’s just not much he doesn’t do.  So, I called him up and told him my plans.  He told me he’d borrow the backhoe and a dump trailer and be right over.  Score!

Within a week we had complete dug out the old driveway except for the approach (it was the only salvageable part of the driveway) and had everything framed out and rebarred (I’m sure there’s a better term for it than that) and ready to receive some concrete!

On a Saturday morning we had two concrete trucks show up to our little cul-de-sac and a family of workers (me, Mr. Windows, my dad, FIL Windows, and a few people who work for my dad) and the concrete started flowing!

Notice how the yard looks like a muddy mess?  Sheesh, it was!!

But isn’t that driveway pretty?!?  I LOVE it!

Today, Mr. Windows and I own 3 vehicles.  Yeah, it might seem outrageous to you, but we have a good purpose for each one of them–that’s a post for another day.  But, this new driveway of mine comfortably parks FIVE vehicles!  Amazing, right?!  The old one barely accommodated 2!

It also goes all the way back and is even with the house.  Someday we’ll build a carport..maybe.

In case you’re curious, doing this project cost us about $2,000 between labor, concrete, and other incidentals like framing supplies and tools and the estimated increase in property value is at LEAST $7,000.  I’d say that’s a big, fat WIN!

All of my cars get to park off the street and we increased the value of our home all in one fell swoop.  Go team!

Have you ever attempted something so not-normally-DIY??  Tell me about it!!


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