Chapter: written and published.

August 25, 2010

If my life were book, it’d be published a chapter at a time.

Today my higher education career comes careening to a halt.  I am completing my Master’s degree in Management and Leadership as soon as I present my thesis project at 8:15 this evening.

It’s a sobering thought for me.

I’ve never not been a student.  I’ve always attended classes, meetings, and done homework.  Today is the last class I will attend as a student (unless I decide to get a professional certification later on…). 

I’m not sure where this will lead me in the future, but from here on out, it’s all about me.  No more homework.  No more school before everything else.

If I want to bake a cake, I’m going to bake a cake.  If I want to walk  my dog, I’m going to walk my dog.  If I want to read a trashy novel with no benefit other than making me giggle, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I’ve spent 20 years in school.  Today, I’m retiring from my profession as a student.

Today I’m also saying goodbye to my Grandpa. 

Today is a day of goodbyes–goodbye to higher education, goodbye to my Grandpa.  Tomorrow, though, is a day without the stress of cancer or a looming thesis project.  I’m so looking forward to 8:25 this evening when I take my chair as a completed student.

Consider this chapter of my life written and published.


One Response to “Chapter: written and published.”

  1. LauraLou Says:

    I know this day is one of sadness and uncertainty in addition to relief, but I hope you’re able to enjoy it! You’ve worked so hard and you’re finally done! And your Grandpa is no longer in pain. I’m thinking about you today!

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