Showin Off: The office space

August 20, 2010

Here’s one great thing about not having kids: every single space in Casa Windows is occupied by grown up things. 

When we bought this house our agent mentioned that Mr. Windows could really use a “man” space.  To this I replied, “WHAT?!  He’s taken over every space there is!  I’m the one who could use my own space!!” 

So, since we have 3 bedrooms, guess what happened?  We share our “bedroom” where we sleep and I have my office and he has his…room.  His room is boring.  It has a dresser in it and any other random things that land there.

My office, though, it’s awesome.

Here’s what I planned for it to look like:

I have the greatest laid plans, I tell you!!

The only things out of this entire mood board that I currently own are the two vases in the bottom left-hand corner.  Ha!

Here’s what the room looked like once we took posession:

This picture doesn’t do a good job of showing it, but this closet is enormous.  I actually had to buy FOUR closet doors because hanging just 2 doesn’t do the trick.  Also, that window is my pet peeve..look how close it is to the closet!!!  Bad, bad architecture, my friends! 

Dirty, dirty walls and brass light fixture.  Eww.  Also, this room was  the stinkiest of them all.  I think they kept animals in the closet in this room–we had to replace some of the drywall in there! 

Side note: clearly I’m not a photographer, please forgive me.

So, this room got transformed. 

You can see the new paint color (why, yes, it’s a lovely plain ole lineny white color) and the not-salvagable hardwood flooring. 

Much, much better!!  New ceiling fan, new curtains, new floors (!!!), new trim, and a new Zuo Modern Lider chair. 

This desk is a story in and of itself (check back for that one!), but isn’t it pretty?!?

This loveseat has a secret of its own!!  It’s hiding a twin-size bed!

I did get a file cabinet!  I love this one, too!  It’s industrial, but still stylish.

Here’s a more accurate view of how it looks today.  The memo boards are on the wall, the desk is cluttered with desk-y type stuff, but it is missing one thing!  My 32″ flat screen TV that also doubles as a computer monitor!

What was once in the box is now on the wall…stay tuned for that update!

This room is really my sanctuary.  I love, love sitting on that loveseat and reading a book.  I work at my desk several times a week designing invitations, printing random whatevers, and generally attempting to maintain my life.

I’d say it’s a vast improvement over what it was–the walls are now clean and painted, the floors are perfection, the furniture is comfortable and functional–and stylish, and it’s just overall happiness.

Here’s a cost breakdown:
Loveseat: K-mart – $299
Ottoman: Target – $40
Desk: Craiglist find – $20
Chair: Zuo Modern Lider Chair – $150 (Direct Buy purchase)
Lamp: Target – $16
Memo Boards: Kohl’s – $7 each
Collage frame: Kohl’s – $15
Bookshelf (not shown): Walmart – $19
Paper shredder: Bed, Bath, & Beyond – wedding gift
File cabinet: Walmart – $44
Vases: CB2 – $5 and $4
Pillow: Pier 1 – $25
TOTAL: $651

I budgeted about $1000 for everything in this room because I was starting from scratch (again).  Because of my craiglist desk and keeping things minimal, I came out ok!!  Woo!


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