Craig and his list..

August 18, 2010

In June of 2009, Mr. Windows bought a shed from Sears.

At the time, this was a genius idea.  It was on sale and we knew we’d need one eventually and it didn’t take up much space in the garage while it was still in pieces. 

Fast forward a year.  The shed is still sitting in the box.

At the beginning of July I made the executive decision to have a professional come build us a shed.  This left us with a shed-in-a-box that we couldn’t return to Sears.  Not exactly ideal, but there is a happy ending.

I am assuming the shed looks like this (we never took it out of the box):

Well, being the owner of my new pretty, didn’t-have-to-DIY shed, I decided I’d look  to Craig to get rid of the shed-in-a-box.

Last Thursday I made the listing.

By the next morning I had 10 people interested in buying it.  I was pretty excited about this fact because it meant more dinero in my savings account AND more real estate freed up in my garage.

Well, Sunday night we had the first “looker” come to Casa Windows and he forked over six $50 bills and loaded himself a new shed-in-a-box on his handy little trailer.  He sailed away into the sunset with his new shed-in-a-box. 

Minutes after the sunset on our transaction I started e-mailing the 14 other people who had expressed interest in the shed-in-a-box.

One lady was not so happy with me.

Her e-mail called me unprofessional and dishonest because I sold it to someone else.

In my defense, no one had offered to pay any money for me to hold the shed-in-a-box for them.  I told every single person the same time and place to look at the shed-in-a-box.  Every person had the same opportunity and as soon as the shed-in-a-box moved on to greener pastures, I sent out the news–seriously, I don’t think I even waited 5 minutes.  I didn’t want someone else to show up and have wasted their time driving to Casa Windows.

In my opinion, I did what any item owner on Craigslist would and should do.  I sold to the first person who produced the dollar bills and had the means to move the property into their posession.  I quickly informed all other parties that the inventory had been depleted and went on my merry way to the bank.

I can’t make ’em all happy.  I don’t have a secret stash of sheds-in-a-box to sell to everyone.  Sometimes that’s just the way it works out.

Have you ever had a similar (or other exciting) situation on Craigslist?  Tell me about it!!


3 Responses to “Craig and his list..”

  1. What a shrew. Who does she think she is to do that to you. If she was really interested she could psycho call you and drop everything to come get the shed. But, as always, people think the world revolves around them, and want you to do them a favor as well as sell them the shed at a great price.

    OK. Im done with my rant.

  2. Kari Says:

    Some people’s kids, right?!? 🙂

  3. […] about the shed-in-a-box?  Well, this shed is way better than the one that came in a […]

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