Showin off: The bedroom.

August 12, 2010

So, back to showing off my house….

Back when we started looking for (and finally being able to afford!) furniture, I fell in serious love with a company called Zocalo.  Unfortunately, before I could order all of the pieces that I was drooling lusting over, they went out of business.  I think I had a week-long sad-session with myself and complained to anyone who would listen.

Today, I’d like to show you my bedroom.  It’s hands-down one of my favorite places to be in my house.  It’s calm and cozy with a flair of personality. 

Here’s what I envisioned for the space (before Zocalo broke my heart):

This is a “mood board” I made for the room.  ALL of the furniture is Zocalo–and is no longer manufactured (can you tell I’m still a little upset about it?!).  At this point we’d decided to forgo a new bed because we had a plain jane metal frame that worked just fine.  Also, all of these pieces were *ahem* expensive, so skipping the bed meant I could have that ridiculously cool dresser.

Before I tell you about the evolution of the yellow pillow, new furniture, and Vol. 25 print, let me show you what we started with (just so you know, we are 100% aware of the ugliness we started out with…).

Just to set the mood, that carpet in the picture smelled of ammonia so toxically that we had to take periodic breaks from working on the house until the carpet was out.  Luckily, Mr. Windows is highly allergic to everything in life except cats, so his runny nose kept him from smelling much and he was able to handle more than myself.

Most of the closets in our house were missing a door.  I’m not sure what the purpose of that was, but hopefully there was one!

So, after we took the carpet out (we’d owned the house less than a month and it was one of the very first things to go), we painted.  Everything.  I’m still deciding whether or not it was a good idea to paint so early on…but that’s what we did.

Work in progress!!  Even with the carpet out, it still stank to high heaven in this place.  Months and months of cleaning ensued.  I think this room is the only room in the house I don’t contemplate repainting…I really, really like it.

So, when I was finally ready to buy furniture (my first real furniture of my adult life!), I started searching for companies that made contemporary furniture that wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg.  I’m a pretty non-committal person, so I wasn’t looking to buy the $5,000 bed or all-cedar chest because frankly, I might hate my furniture in 5 years or less (probably less).  So I said $1,000 for it all.

You might wonder how I managed to do it, but I spent less than $700 on the bed, dresser, nightstand, and full-length self-supported mirror. 

Here’s my secret: Direct Buy. 

We have a Direct Buy membership.  Without it we would’ve spent that just on the bed alone. 

Ok, so here’s what my sanctuary looks like today:

Notice the pretty NOT BRASS ceiling fan!

It’s a long, skinny room.  I’m sorry I don’t have dimensions, but I’m no interior designer and frankly, dimensions=blah blah blah in my brain 🙂

Obviously, the room still needs some work.  I’d like to paint the door a crisp white like the trim and the closet doors need painted and hung. 

Overall, though I absolutely adore it.

Here’s what and where we got everything:

Storage ottoman: T.J. Maxx–$70
Yellow pillows: Nebraska Furniture Mart–$12 for 2
Grey pillow: T.J. Maxx–$7
Print above ottoman: Vol. 25–$20
Bed: Coaster Furniture Company, Phoenix Collection–~$150
Nightstand: Coaster Furniture Company, Phoenix Collection–~$150
Dresser: Coaster Furniture Company, Phoenix Collection–~$300
Mirror: Coaster Furniture Company, Phoenix Collection–~$100
Duvet and shams: Bed, Bath, & Beyond–$140 for two shams and duvet
Pictures above the dresser: Photos taken by me, frames from Michaels–About $45 for that entire project (printing and frames)
Scentsy warmer: purchased at a party..maybe $20?
Jewelry box: Christmas gift from Mr. & Mrs. Windows-in-law
Vases: ALL 3 from–Gray-$5, yellow-$2, hematite-$3
Flowers in vases: Hobby Lobby and Michaels–$7
Photos on dresser: all previously owned–$0
Iron tree/branch art thing: T.J. Maxx–$25
Lamp on nightstand (not pictured): Target–Lampshade-$15, Lamp base–$15
Curtains: Wal-mart faux silk energy panels-$50 for two
Curtain rod: Menards–$10
Ceiling fan: Purchased at Menards (Westinghouse is the brand)–$50
TOTAL: $1196

Considering we had no furniture and every stitch of art and bedding is brand new, I think we did pretty good!!! 

Next up: talk about the items I love most in this room!!


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