It’s a busy day.

June 4, 2010

I’m interrupting all other talk to bring about another subject: Danielle’s wedding!

Five short weeks ago a sweet, fun girl made a phone call to my cousin explaining her newly engaged status.  One of her first questions was, “Um, can I have Mrs. Windows’ number?”

And so it began.

Five weeks ago she asked me if this were possible–to plan an entire wedding complete with all the elements she dreamed of.  Tomorrow we’ll know for sure, but I’m pretty confident that we’ve done a great job.

So, here’s to you Danielle!  May your marriage be full of love, support, loyalty, and honor, and may you always remember the hundreds of poms, layers of cake, hours of paper cutting, multitudes of laughter, and tornadic leftovers all over my house that proves just what we can do in five weeks if we put our minds to it.  Planning your wedding has been an honor and a joy for me.  My heart is full knowing that no other is more deserving of this kind of splendor.

With that, I sign off to go trim some roses and tie some ribbons!


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