Who needs recaps anyhow?!

May 21, 2010

Not me!  Ok, well, I love me some wedding recaps, but as previously mentioned, I suck at them.

So until I get my wedding recap mojo back in gear, I’m going to show you my house.

Why?  Cause I want to.  It’s a pretty place that I designed almost entirely on my own (ok, Mr. Windows fought me tooth and nail on most things AND I had some help from my friends who diligently painted, cajoled, and approved all of my designs), and I’m absolutely in love with it.  If I could find a way to make it a bigger place with more storage and give it a basement, we’d never leave it.

So, today I’ll show you my very favorite part.  The floors.

Mr. Windows and I spent a short decade (probably every bit of 10 months) figuring out what kind of flooring to put in this house.  Carpet was cheaper, but hardwoods are just so pretty.

Initially we decided we’d do carpet.  Why?  Cause we live on a budget (have I mentioned the THREE mortgages we pay every month…oy).  But I decided it would be one of the very last decisions we would make so that 1. I could try to convince my budget that we could afford hardwoods, and 2. because this homie isn’t paying for new flooring and getting paint all over it!  Me=messy with a paint brush.  Also, Mr. Windows and I could not settle on a carpet choice.  Seriously.  We argued about it constantly.  I like the fluffy frieze kind and he likes boring keep-it-forever kind. 

Anyhow, I waited and waited…in the mean time we remodeled everything else we could.

Then, one weekend we happened to be in Lincoln, Nebraska where we have some family stashed away and we were visiting them.  They have this store there called Menards.  If you’ve ever remodeled a home or even bought a gallon of paint, this store is like the epitome of home improvement stores.  It makes my heart flutter a bit just thinking about it.

So, after about my 75th trip to Menards (and planning specific trips to Lincoln JUST to go to Menards), we started getting the weekly ads via e-mail so we could plan trips to get discounts AND visit family all in one swoosh.

Then it happened.  The ad of my dreams appeared.  Hickory hardwood floors for $2.50 a square foot.  If we installed those puppies ourselves, this was officially on our we-can-do-it radar.  So we went to Menards.

Disappointment ensued.

Hickory is that pretty, pretty wood that comes in a variety of shades of tan/blonde/yellow/brown….you never know what you’re gonna get when you open the box.  It is my hands-down favorite kind of hard wood flooring (it’s like a party on the floor, ya’ll!).  The wood in this box was NOT varied.  It was all the same.  The saying “WTF” flashed through my mind while Mr. Widows sought out someone to help us.

At this point I was ready to leave the store empty handed and go pick out some carpet and be done with it.

Then we saw the beautiful red box that was full of the hickory hardwood look that I was so enamored with.  This hardwood came in at almost $5 a square foot and was instantly out of our price range, but it didn’t stop me from drooling over it.  Mr. Windows, after being pretty peeved that we made this trip for “nothing” sought out a store manager and explained to him the nature of our disappointment.

After some negotiation on his part and pitiful looks on my part (seriously, there were tears), we ended up getting the flooring of my dreams (Mr. Window doesn’t dream of flooring, he dreams of shutting me up) for just a little bit over what we’d originally planned to spend!! 

At this point I don’t even remember the total price we paid, but let me tell you, these beautiful floors are worth every penny and every ounce of energy we spent installing them.

These. Are. My. Floors.

I was some what of a maniac when we installed them.  I hand-picked every board and placed it exactly where I wanted it….perfectly staggered color variations!

yes, that’s a Ralphie in that picture!

So, was it worth it?  Absolutely. 

Would I do it again?  Probably not.

I think next time we’ll stick with either doing a smaller space or just getting carpet.  Why?  Because it doesn’t take MONTHS to install and it’s more affordable. 

What’s your preference–hardwoods or carpet or something else?!


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