On Dress Regret

April 22, 2010

I’m guilty of hating my dress.

If you’re one of those brides (or just want to hear a good story), keep reading.

My dress was one of my very first purchases in my wedding shopping extravaganza. 

When I bought the dress it was AT LEAST two sizes too small, but I had over a year to make it work, so we bought it. 

Over the course of that year I went on a roller coaster ride with my emotions and how I felt about my dress.  The worst part was that I had opted to leave the dress at my mother-in-law’s home for safe keeping–250+ miles from home.  I could never sneak a peek, try it on, or admire it unless I was there for a visit.  So, all I had to remember my dress by was pictures.

Bad pictures.

Don’t believe me?  Have a gander…

Ok, here’s why this is bad.  First of all, the dress didn’t even come close to zipping.  In fact, the zipper just wouldn’t have it.  So I’m holding the dress up by squeezing my arms to my sides.  Second of all, there’s nothing like looking at a fatter version of yourself and thinking, “THAT’S what I’m going to look like on my wedding day?!”  It was sadness.

Here’s some more proof:

Oy.  So pitiful.

So for months and months these were the only pictures I had of me wearing my wedding dress. 

Over the course of those months I had convinced myself that my dress was the ugliest dress around.  Every time I thought of it I just wanted to cry.  There was no way I’d ever feel pretty in it.

So I did what a bride should never do.  I tried on other dresses.

Naturally, I found another dress.  I then convinced myself that the new dress was my only option and that I must purchase it right. this. minute.

Thankfully, my wits were about me and I didn’t purchase the dress.  The only reason I would’ve bought that dress was because I felt like I looked pretty in the pictures.  What I didn’t consider is that it had been MONTHS since I had tried on my dress and it wasn’t fair to my bank account to go gallivanting around buying up every wedding dress that I “felt pretty in”…so after a lengthy argument with Mr. Windows and deciding I would hate my wedding pictures forever and wear my old dress, I dropped it.

Here’s the dress that stole my dress-regrettin-heart..

Do you see the difference?!  There’s a waistline on this version of me!  Oh, and I’m actually ya know, wearing the dress…not praying it stays on for 5 seconds while someone snaps a photo. 

Looking back on that dress, I know that I made the right decision.  However, I’m entirely grateful that I had the experience because today I can say that my wedding dress was the dress for me and for my wedding.

On April 3rd, 2009, I was reunited with my dress…a few alterations had been completed and my once way-too-small dress was officially too big for me.

This is the picture I was able to fawn over for a little over a month until I would be reunited with my $100 frock on a permanent basis..

Notice a difference?!  Again, this version of me has a waistline!  And I can assure you that the entirety of the back is fully assembled in this picture and not an ounce of my energy was being used to hold it up.

This was a defining moment in my life.  This was the very. first. time. I’d ever felt pretty in a dress that I owned.  Even my prom dresses (ok, pants one year) made me feel self-conscious and ugly.  But this dress, it was my dress.  The only dress.  My happily ever after dress.

So, what I want to say now is that if, like me, you have dress regret at some point in the course of your wedding planning, remember to take a deep breath, consider EVERY alternative, keep an open mind, listen to your fiance when he tells you that you’re being irrational (cause he’s probably right, I know mine was!), and most importantly, remember who you are and what will make you feel at your best.

There wasn’t a moment on my wedding day when I felt ugly or insecure.  I felt prettier than I can even begin to tell you.  It was the most self-fulfilling day of my life.  And I’m so glad I got to have that day in that dress when I married the man who I love.

Just to prove one last time that this dress was the dress for me..


One Response to “On Dress Regret”

  1. LauraLou Says:

    I love this post! 🙂 We already talked about this and I still couldn’t agree more. You looked gorgeous!

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