A Transparent Wedding: The Penguin

March 9, 2010

So, what is black, white, and made of cake?

My husband’s groom’s cake!

I made this cute little guy out of german chocolate cake with coconut pecan filling.  He is 7 cakes total and his head is made of rice krispy treats that my MIL graciously made (did I mention that she dutifully cleaned up after me for the entire week?!  If it weren’t for her, these cakes would’ve never gotten done!)

The black fondant is Satin Ice fondant (cause this cake decorator knows the limits of her sanity and black fondant just falls outside of those confines) while the white and orange fondants are homemade marshmallow fondant.

Isn’t he super cute?!

Here I am instructing my mom how to take apart the cake, but this is a good detail shot.

See the tail?!?!  This photo is courtesy of my MIL.  She was the only one who thought to take a picture of his backside!  I’m sure this is largely because she watched me make this little guy and was pretty excited about that little detail!

I think I should point out that these cakes were signed, sealed, and delivered on the day before the wedding–a Friday.  They sat overnight at the venue and I worried about them constantly!  Since I was playing about 15 different roles the week of the wedding (bride, cake decorator, florist, coordinator, boss, etc.) I just didn’t have time to set them up the day of the wedding.  The penguin settled a little bit as I suspected, but otherwise he was more than ok!

One more note..the penguin never saw the sharp side of a knife.  Everyone was too scared to cut into him because of how cute he was!  I can’t say I blame them any…


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