A Transparent Wedding: The Wedding Cake

March 8, 2010

This may be news to you, but I’m a professional cake decorator (what?  I’ve never mentioned that?  Well, now you know).

Designing my wedding cake was nothing short of a creative nightmare.  No cake was good enough.  I spent 14 months deciding what to do and then when I was actually making the cake, I scrapped most of it.

I had my husband (who is a design engineer) model dimensions and options for me that I mulled over and over and over.  I’d be settled on a design for a week, see something similar, and scrap it.

Eventually this is what I settled on as far as dimensions went:

The tiers were from top down: 4×6, 8×8, 4×10, 2×12, and 4×14.

It. Was. Huge.

Each tier ended up being a different flavor–some of which I’d never even made before.

From the top down the flavors were:
Lemon cake with raspberry creme filling
Champagne cake with raspberry creme filling
Red velvet cake with chocolate mousse filling
White wedding cake, no filling
Milk chocolate fudge cake with chocolate mousse filling

Each cake had a double layer of buttercream and then was topped off with a thin layer of made-from-scratch marshmallow fondant. 

I had grand plans for the design, but the more I worked on this cake the more I realized that it just was so spectacularly huge that the size of the cake and the dimensions really made it stand out, so I threw together some sugar roses and did some edible painting on it and wrapped it up in a few ribbons and decided it was perfect.

Here it is in all it’s ginormous glory. 

Pretty, pretty rose!

My mom (second from the left) and her 4 living sisters (she’s one of 14, people, and she has 14 sisters..thus the enormous wedding we had) cut the cake.  They are officially pros at cake cutting now because they’ve cut so many cakes at so many weddings! 

Here’s a good look of what the cake cutting extravaganza looked like…

It was not only beautiful, but delicious (I might be biased..).  I wouldn’t have had another cake or any other person(s) cut my cake.  It was perfect.

Check back later on for more info about my AMAZING cake topper and the groom’s cake that I made for my husband!!


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