A Transparent Wedding: The Flowers

March 5, 2010

Choosing the flowers for my wedding wasn’t hard for me.  I knew what I wanted because I knew my options were limited.  My colors were midnight blue, cornflower blue, and butter yellow.  See any problems with that?

Naturally occurring blue flowers are insanely hard to come by.  In fact, most “blue flowers” look more green or purple to me.  However, I did know that hydrangea came in a shade of blue that would suit my color palette obsession, so that decided it.  I also knew that the shade of yellow didn’t necessarily matter to me and I had seen a bouquet of hydrangea and roses that I adored, so those were the main players in my bouquets and bouts.

This is my bouquet.  It was composed of blue hydrangea, yellow roses (I think they were skyline roses…maybe), lots of greenery (including bear grass), and stephanotis (because I think stephanotis screams bride..and you can put pearls in the middle and I love that).

Here’s some more pictures of my bouquet:

When she first brought the flowers the bear grass was trying to jump out of my bouquet and tickle my nose, so I gracious asked my super accommodating florist to tuck them in the best she could. 

Pretty, no?

Ok, moving on..

The bridesmaids carried bouquets similar to my own except they had another blue-ish flower called scabiosa and no stephanotis.  They were also tucked into silver hand vases called tussie mussies that I tied ribbons and a fleur-de-lis charm to the bottom.  These vases were a gift from me to the bridesmaids.

See the pretty ribbons?

Here’s Beezer with her’s!  You might know her from somewhere…

Lastly, we had boutonniers and corsages galore!  Here’s a few pictures of those..


This is Mr. Windows’s bout.  All of the groomsmen had these bout holders.  I thought they went well with the bouquet holders.  All of the groomsmen had similar bouts minus the stephanotis.

MIL Windows did the majority of the pinning of the bouts and corsages..she was a pro!

See?  She did so many of them that she had to take a break to go get herself dressed!

So, those were the major contenders that spruced up the party.

I’ll leave you with this beautiful close up shot of the bridesmaid’s bouquets…


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