A Transparent Wedding: The Bride’s Hair

February 26, 2010

Call it narcissistic, but yeah, a post dedicated solely to my hair.  In my defense, it was a big deal.  Or maybe I just have 57,000 pictures of it, so I want to share my favorites.

Anyway, here’s my pretty hair pin that I found on ebay for about $15 after shipping.  I loved it!  If my future daughter wants to wear this cheap old thing, that would really make my heart sing.


Here I am with my amazing hair stylist, Haley Phelps (look her up!  She’s on MySpace and Facebook!), and she’s working some magic on my hairs. 

Here’s what it looked like when she was done:

See my pretty hair pin?  It stayed all night!

So after my hairs were done it was time for make up.  Compliments of the amazing April.  Here’s a bunch of pictures..

And that’s how my hair came to be perfect and my make up made me glow.  I’ve never felt so pretty in my life.

Up next: we get ready at the church!


One Response to “A Transparent Wedding: The Bride’s Hair”

  1. Sweet Tooth Says:

    You’re hair looks so pretty.

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