An interruption..

February 16, 2010

So I know I’m in the middle of posting all about my wedding (mostly for myself so that in the years to come I can remember it by reading through this here blog), but I’m not so inspired.  So I’m going to talk about something else…

My other blog!!!

Ok, so hopefully someday it’ll turn into something much more than it is right now (ya know, something with dollar signs and a make-my-own-hours schedule), but for now, it’s a super cute blog that I’m super excited about.

My dear friend Emily (whom I may on occassion refer to as Beez or Beezer or Bee’s Knees) and I have decided to stretch our creative neurons and take this blog for a whirl.  Someday we’ll make invitations and other pretty things, but until we land ourselves some free time, we’ll just talk about things…and maybe take a custom order here and there.  Also, we’ll be taking this time to start developing some product lines so that when we do debut some items for purchase, we’ll have some options! 

Anyway, check it out when you have the inclination to do so!!

Spill the Beans Invitations!


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