A Transparent Wedding: The Dress.

February 5, 2010

Oh my dress. 

This is probably the most talked about wedding purchase.  Not because it was $20,000 or because it’s designer or because it’s just that awesome.

We talk about it so much because it was the first purchase, it was an untraditional purchase, it was uber cheap ($100, folks), and because six days before Christmas of 2009, it was flooded.

So here it is….

Beautiful, no?  Is it just me or does the $100 price tag just it that much more beautiful?  What can I say, I’m a bargain lover.

And in case you’re thinking “WTF!  It flooded?!”  Well, yes, it was a moldy, stinky mess after the flood of 2009 (plumbing+freezing=ruined wedding dress), but an amazing company swooped up my dress two days before Christmas and took a good month cleaning her up. 

So it’s home, in its bag, and waiting for me to schedule my trash the dress photo shoot!!  And no, there will be no permanent trashing…after the flood experience, I know that my heart just can’t take it being destroyed.


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