Before the wedding, there was an engagement

January 26, 2010

Ok, I’m not gushy.  I’m not typically on the hunt for romance.  I just like to feel wanted.  Mr. Windows totally gets this (which may or may not be on purpose or just because he’s the same way).

However, when we started dating, there wasn’t much “dating”..instead there was a lot of hanging out.  I think prior to our engagement we had been on one “official” date.  The night of the proposal was the second official date we’d ever had.

Two or so months into our relationship we were both pretty hooked.  We just happened to be out and about and I mentioned going into a jewelry store to show him a ring that I’ve always loved–ya know, in the event that he might ever want to buy it for me.  Let’s get something out there right now–Mr. Windows does not do subtlety.  At all.  He just doesn’t take a hint.  I have to be so unabashedly honest with him that at first I had to learn how to get over my vulnerabilities and learn how to get what I want and need because I knew there was no other way with this guy.  Luckily for me, it’s something he really appreciates.

So, we’re in this jewelry store checkin things out…I’m at one case practically drooling over the ring I’ve-never-yet-tried-on-but-have-had-dreams-about and he’s talking to the sales person learning about diamonds.  Those sales people were smarties.  Instead of talking to me–the googly girl with no idea what she is doing other than drooling on the glass–they were teaching Mr. Windows about diamonds.  He’s very much a quality kind of guy, so he wanted to know what makes a good diamond a good diamond.  Sneaky sales people.

Eventually I grew tired of waiting on the sales person to break out the diamonds and let me shove them on my finger, so I ventured over to their case and before either one of them could get a word out I made them come to where my drool spot was and explained that I had to try it on.  Now.  Couldn’t wait another moment.

Here’s where I feel like a total idiot.  This ring that I’ve lusted after and dreamt about?  Hated it.  It was a HUGE let down.  It looked awkward and just blah on my hand.  So I was pretty much ready to go at that moment.  But the sneaky sales people had hooked Mr. Windows and they were reeling him in.  He took the bait like a fish without food for a week.

After my disappointment (and Mr. Window saying, “yeah, I hate that one’s too busy, it’s just not me”–at which point I was screaming, “IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!” in my head), Mr. Windows coerced me into staying the store and all but dragged me to the case he’d been standing at before. 

Mind you, this was an impromptu trip to the jewelry store that was supposed to be a look-see only–we’d already blown that at this point.

What happened next blew my mind.  Mr. Windows was standing at the case full of the sparkliest diamonds I’d ever seen (hello, why hadn’t I landed there before?!).  He had an entire engagement ring and wedding bands combo already picked out for me to try on.  And that, my friends, was the last ring that landed on my left-hand ring finger that night.  I was convinced it would never be my ring because of the price tag and the sheer size of the thing blew away anything I’d ever even seen in real life!  So, after FOUR hours of staring at diamonds, we left.  Empty ring-fingered, but not empty minded.

That little (ha!) trip to the jewelry store was the beginning of the next step of our lives.  Mr. Windows started thinking about what he wanted in a wedding ring of his own…and I was officially drooling over a completely different ring than I ever thought I’d love.  After about two months of making periodic visits to the ring (and selling a Corvette–not to buy the ring, just to put that out there), Mr. Windows put the ring on lay away so that no one else could have it.  So, I knew.  I knew the entire time that a proposal would happen someday when he was ready.

Here’s the best part…on December 7, 2007, I had taken my close friend to show her the ring that I would someday wear.  This was at about 3 in the afternoon.  We had our second date planned for that night and I was getting ready to get home and start primping.  I knew that the money existed to and I knew that it was possible that he might do it that night–until I was there at 3 and the ring was still there. 

Around 7 Mr. W picked me up and we went to dinner at a really nice restaurant in town (where I had salmon and he ate a cheeseburger–he’s so classy).  The weather was horrible, so after dinner we decided to just go back home.

At the time, I lived in Gilbert House and had a roommate who was a very close friend of mine at the time.  While we had been at dinner she was busy setting the scene for when we got home. 

When I got home, my spiral stair case was lined with candles.  The staircase led up to my bedroom where there were candles, roses petals, and all that gushy stuff I’m not normally accustomed to.  I was amazed. 

After basking in the glow for about half an hour, Mr. W fished around for a minute and pulled out a ring box and said, “I want to spend my life with you.”

Being my hasty self, I never let him ask me to marry him…which worked for us. 

It was a perfect night that ended on the highest note I could’ve imagined. 

Here’s a few shots of the ring that I get to look at every single day…and be reminded that not only is it pretty freakin spectacular, it’s a symbol of a pretty spectacular guy and his love for me. 


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