The Remodel.

January 25, 2010

Ok, so this is by far not a blog about houses.  It’s my blog, my vent, my place.  However, one resounding thing has remained constant in my adult life–change.  One thing that has never stayed the same more than a few years is my address. 

In April of 2009, my dear husband purchased a reposessed home close to our work.  It. Was. Ugly. and smelly.  And it was home.

So here’s the house:

Pretty, huh?

Yeah, it’s not winning any beauty pageants that’s for sure.  So why did we buy such an ugly, smelly abode?  Well, the price was right (seriously, half price of what it appraises for) and as we were walking around the back yard when we were looking at the house, two little old ladies popped their nosy heads over the fence and said, “Ya’ll gonna move in?  We need some young people around here.”  The house wasn’t ours and the neighbors already wanted us.  We were sold. 

We were convinced this house was home.  Well, I was.  And I wasn’t even the one buying it!  There’s just something about good neighbors that I can’t resist (and why should you?!).

So we bid.

And we lost.

I was heart broken.  I didn’t understand how someone could’ve outbid us–it just felt like home when I was standing on that deck in the back yard. 

Luckily about a week after the bidding war ended, whoever had beat us out, somehow lost their place and what do you know?  Our bid was second place.  We were on our way to owning another home and two more mortgages.

So, on this blog I will go into some details about how we’ve turned this messy corner lot into a drool-worthy place that no longer stinks of a landfill or dirty litter box.

And also how remodeling this house has changed me, my husband, and our lives forever.


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