If you wanna know me, you gotta know them..

January 22, 2010

Who is “them”?

The dogs.

They are my joy, my laughter, my sanity.  Without them my smiles would be few, my heart less warm, and my home less messy.

Oh, so you want to see pictures? 

Ok…I’ll show you…

Little Guy Ralphie

and the squeaky

This is how I roll--in my dad's lap with a squeaky within inches. My life ROCKS!

Age: 3 years and some months
Breed: I’m a weenie….a mini weenie.  Yeah, I said it.
Weight: about 10 pounds on a good day (I like to keep my manly figure in check…I gotta have a broad chest and slim waist.  Just gotta.)
Favorite Person: used to be dad, but now I’m totally a momma’s boy
Favorite Toy: anything that squeaks (must. kill. squeaky.)
Second Favorite Toy: The bones

I got Ralphie right after I bought the Gilbert house.  I was living there alone and really needed some company.  Ralphie was only five months old and was the cutest little guy ever.  We have a lot of love for one another.

Andre the Giant

Age: some months
Breed: Siberian Husky/Doberman mix (yeah, that’s right, I’m a mutt, but I’m damn cute!)
Weight: last I checked I was 47 pounds, but I’m kind of “fluffy”..I think I’m getting closer to about 55 pounds.  What?  I’m a puppy and I’m growing!  Leave me alone…it’s just baby fat.
Favorite Person: My dad. Mom feeds me, but dad is just cooler.  He growls at me and plays tug-o-war with me…mom just pets me sometimes.  Not. As. Cool.
Favorite Toy: anything that Ralphie wants and I can take from him.  And my rope.
Second Favorite Toy: The bones (they’re like the crack..just. can’t. stop.)

Andre is the most recent addition to our growing family.  He’s pretty rowdy, real happy to be home, and is ridiculously smart.  We snagged him from the humane society and couldn’t be more glad he’s a part of our family.  Prior to getting Andre we referred to our future dog as Ralphie’s dog because the real reason for getting another dog was to entertain Ralphie.  Yeah, we’re such good parents that we get pets for our pets.  Luckily for us, they love each other and even though they look weird together, they totally act like brothers.

So that’s them…my boys.  Well, two of them.  They own my heart.


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