How I went from soup to windows..

October 14, 2009

So, this is me.  Soup to windows.

What does that mean?  Well, it means a whole lot to me.

It all started with a job, a boy, and now a husband.

When I was ‘soup’ I was mature, lonely, educated, and heavily in debt.  At 20-years-old I bought my first house, a second vehicle, and took out another student loan to finish my bachelors degree.  I was happy enough.

my very first home

my very first home

This is the Gilbert house.  It’s a 130-year-old 2-story Victorian with a whole lot of charm.  I’ll always love this house.

So, I lived in Gilbert for nearly three years.  In fact, until two months ago, this was my home.  The Gilbert house was where I found myself.

About a year into my stay at Gilbert I met Mr. Windows.  Eventually Mr. Windows moved into Gilbert with me and we lived there together until two months ago.

Presently, Mr. Windows and I have been married for five months.

We moved out of Gilbert and into Repo.

Repo was bought in April of 2008 and remodeled for 15 months.  Repo is where I live with Mr. Windows.  It’s our place.

My life has been a journey; this is your glimpse.


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