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This ain’t easy.

November 4, 2010

One of my goals to check off my list before my quarter century birthday is to make this here blog  a little more exciting.

As it turns out, this move is not an easy one!

I thought I could just click a couple of buttons, pay a fee or two here and there, and voila!  New blog!

Uh, sorry Charlie, not quite so easy.

Right now I’m hunting down a good option for me to use as a hosting website.

In the mean time, Violet is building me a new theme!  WOO!

So, I’m kind of lacking on the creativity right now and I’m going to fully blame that on my obsession with the technical aspect of making this blog a little more fun!

Bear with me….I promise I’ll have a more exciting post in the near future!

Taking Challenges.

November 3, 2010

So, what makes you go to work everyday?  The paycheck?  The habit?

What about school?  What makes you desire having more education?

For me, it’s the challenge.  The more someone tells me I can’t do something, the more I want to prove them wrong (even if I’m the one telling myself I can’t do it).

Currently, I’m not being challenged at work.  Now, it’s no fault of anyone’s in particular with the economy the way it is, but frankly, it’s annoying.

I think one of the reasons I can’t quit going to school is because there is a big challenge in managing going to school and working full-time.  It’s just not easy.

I’m not sure I even know how to do something the easy way (unless it’s something like the dishes in which I do them as quickly as possible because I hate them!).  I like to learn, I like to make things better and more efficient.

Lately it’s been more and more apparent that I’m not stepping up to the challenge plate–especially at work.  So I’m changing that.

Yesterday I attended a forum for an HR initiative that I could’ve easily sat out, but the challenge there was to get out of my box and away from my daily humdrum.

Today, I’m having a meeting with a Senior VP within the company about my thesis paper.  I’m not sure what’ll come of it, but I hope something worthwhile.  Even if it’s just  a high five!

Tomorrow, well, I’m not doing anything special (yet), but I’m going to keep presenting my boss with the initiatives to find new things for me to do that get me outside of my daily humdrum box.  I’m highly educated and quite gifted in certain areas and it’s high time I start proving it.

Budget Progress!

November 2, 2010

We all know that Casa Windows has been run by a very lose “budget” up until this point.  Our budget was spend, spend, spend..then figure it out.  Naturally, this wasn’t allowing us to save our money nearly as efficiently as we could have been.

When I decided to develop this budget I made a few key decisions that would make it easier for me to wrap my head around it.

First of all, this isn’t a business and we don’t work on a month-to-month or annual accounting schedule.  We get paid every two weeks.  So, I decided that I would set up our budget to go for two paychecks–or 28 days.  This is pretty close to a month.  It’s also how we pay our bills–each paycheck has certain bills that get allotted to it even before we had a budget.

So, our first round of budgeting started on October 14th and will end on November 10.

This has been CRUCIAL to me being able to understand this budgeting habit I’m trying to establish.  Without having the budget work this way, I’d have to divvy up our dinero by day and then month and frankly, that’s just moving outside of what works for us.

In the event that you’d like to start budgeting–this is my biggest tip for you–find a date range that works for you!  If you get paid monthly and establish your spending that way, do it that way.  If you get paid bi-weekly on a certain day of the week, set your budget up like we did.  It all depends on how you break up your spending!  This is the primary reason I never budgeted.  I just couldn’t make sense out of the fact that I got paid bi-weekly, but paid all of my bills monthly.  The fact of the matter is that I still paid all of those bills on a monthly basis, but certain bills were paid with certain paychecks.

So, on my budget, I have listed all of our reoccurring bills:

  • Mortgages 1, 2, and 3
  • Cars 1 and 2
  • Student Loan
  • Insurance (we pay our car insurance every 6 months, but I move the monthly amount into savings so I know we’ll have it when it’s time to pay it)
  • Cell Phones
  • Entertainment–Netflix and Internet
  • Water and Sewer (our tenant at Gilbert pays this, so we only pay 1 bill)
  • Electric 1 and 2
  • Gas 1 and 2
  • Trash and recycling (we pay this quarterly, so I move this to savings as well until we make the payment)
  • Life Insurance
  • Savings–emergency/regular and vacation
  • Misc Spending (fun money–this includes hair cuts, clothes, video games, baby shower throwing, etc.)

ALL of our reoccurring spending equates to about 87% of our income.  Granted, our “fun money” may change depending on what we are doing–we may save it one month to buy a more expensive item, etc.  But for the most part, this is all pretty solid.

The other 13% of the budget is allotted to groceries, going out to movies (we do this at least once a month), gas for the vehicles, eating out, and gifts for other people.

My biggest success with this is the amount of money we’re able to save every month now.  It’s still not as much as I’d like it to be, but it’s A LOT more than what we were doing before.  With the amounts I have in there now, it’s about 14% of our budget that we’re putting into savings.  I’d like for it to be more like 25%, but that will come with time.

So far our budget has served us well enough that I’ve already established a new spreadsheet for the next 2 paychecks (also, the next 28 days which I’ve decided is close enough to a month).

Do you have a budget?!  If you do, what’s your key to success??

If you have any specific questions for me, feel free to comment on this post or email me at kari_s {at} hotmail {dot} com!

Today begins my journey of becoming Dr. Windows.

My first day of class is today.  While I technically won’t be going to class at all, I do have assignments to complete.

My first assignment, a contrasting scholarly paper based on business ethics perspectives of two journal articles, is nearly complete.  I hope to turn it in today or tomorrow so that I can start on my second assignment.

In this class, I’ll write 11 papers in varying lengths on topics relative to business ethics.

Each assignment requires at least eight peer-reviewed sources.

My first assignment isn’t due until November 14, but my adviser recommended that I get a head start while I can since the holidays are coming up–and I agree.

So, let’s get this bus rolling on down the highway!!!

Diggin’ up the past.

October 29, 2010

There is every potential to learn something new–and potentially something you didn’t want to know–about me in this post.  So read with caution.

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Seven new-to-you things.

October 28, 2010

I was tagged with this by Nodakademic:

So, in keeping up with the fun, I’m going to play along!

The rules are to tag 5 other blogs and to tell you seven things about myself that you might not already know.  So, here goes.

My five:

Laura Lou at The Luckiest in Love
Shelly at A Full Serving
Chelsea at Roots and Rings
Natalie at The Bobby Pin (whose blog I fully intend to get to know better!)
Emily at Early Emily (whom I hope will actually BLOG someday!!)

Now, onto my 7 little-known-facts…

1. I love tomatoes.  A lot.  I could eat tomatoes and nothing else for the rest of my life.

2. My first car, a 1994 Dodge Stealth, sent me into tears more than any other person or object in my life.  I was severely attached to that car.  Every time it was broken, I cried.  When I was rear ended and it was totaled, my best friend thought someone had died because of how hysterical I was.  Today, it’s happily being completely restored by a 17-year-old who shares the same birthday as me.  Fate, my friends.

3. If I can hear you eating or drinking, I probably want to scream at you.  I HATE the sound of people eating and drinking.  It makes my skin crawl.

4. If I hardly know you, it’s likely that I won’t use the bathroom at your house or accept your offer of drinks and food.  I’m highly uncomfortable with accepting things from other people or using their personal space.  I’m always amazed at people who come to my house and go straight to my fridge or bathroom without so much as a wink.  Yes, I know we’re all human and have needs–I just tend to put my discomfort before my needs.

5. I suck at friendships.  I try really hard, but I’m just not very good at being a friend sometimes.

6. Last night, I went to a corn maze with my mom and 3 other women (and 1 ten-year-old boy) whom I’m not SUPER close with, but still had an amazing time.  It was so much fun!

7. My blog post for tomorrow is a big deal.  It’s personal, honest, and a big deal.  I believe in always remembering how you came to be the person that you are so that you can appreciate today, so in light of that, I’m sharing with you one of my biggest regrets.